Send Me-Represent by 116 Clique

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Send Me-Represent
by 116 Clique

Send me, I'll go! Send me, I'll go! Send me, I'll go! Let me go, Let me go! (2x)

Verse 1
I seen it with my own two/ There's no way I can show you/ A perfectly poverty-stricken people with no view/ And I bet 'cha can't believe they ain't never heard of Jesus/ Heard of Young Buck, Lil' Wayne, and Young Jeezy/ No more signin' up to go on missions this Summer/ Rather sit at home and watch Xzibit pimpin' a Hummer/ While at night he rollin' shot now/ No one screamin' stop now/ No bridge illustrates for criminals who on lockdown/ People deep in Africa lookin' for an answer, brah/ In China people dyin' until they know who died for sin/ So look what grace did/ Not for us to stay here/ Inside our comfort zones at home in Mamma's basement/ Get out on the grind, 'yall/ Ain't no better time dog/ I know you read the Great Commission, let me just remind 'yall/ Make disciples of other nations/ Teach them to obey the Lord/ Hate to never lead someone to Christ before I face the Lord

Verse 2
Ay, after 1000 years in the west and the churches/ Gettin' bigger daily without understandin worship/ Some regenerate but alot aint saved/ You walk outside and be surprised that the block aint changed./ And the numbers they be gettin them/ Somethin' still aint hittin them/ American's aint Christian's they just
practicin' the rituals/ Thats why we should be missions ay oh what you think I'm spittin fo/ United States is dyin and the east is lookin pitiful/ Some places if they catch you they'll arrest you and they'll serve you/ But they still need the word too the gospel should be heard too/ We claim we aint ashamed but we still aint hit the block up/ We in our Christian bubble while our brothers gettin locked up/ Lord I wanna Stop up/ Take a bag and Walk up/ In a country where sharin my faith may get me Shot up/ Anyway I go Lord whether my city, Lord or For a broad/ I just wanna show them Jesus Christ the risen Holy God.

Chorus 2
Represent, get crunk! If you know you reppin' Jesus, go ahead and throw it up!

Verse 3
I know this might be a shock, but/ Ima blow 'ya spot up/ Truthfully in grace, and outta love, ain't tryna pop stuff

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