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(Sam Ock)
I wanna be back in the place where I used to be
Lookin' at the world through a window and all that I really wanna see is a light, a spark
And I'd like to run as far as I can for you
My lord, my God, it's all for you
Even when I'm at the very last of my breaths, I'll run with you 'til I meet with death
But I know that I can't just look through a glass
Tore the veil, God, you took my past and made it
So fresh, so new, you showed me the dark and I learned how to
Keep lookin' for the light, keep walkin' takin' your hand when I always fall down
Chasin' your glory since you first found me, lonely, with nobody around

(Hook x2)
God you called out to me, so now I'm calling out to
You took my fetters that chained me to this world and broke them
Too many days I end up falling on my face...
Lord, give me your strength, for I will run this race

I'm walking along the shoreline, pondering what to say
I don't know what to expect, all I see is the dawn of day
The sun arises, the ocean's reflecting all of your beauty.
These rays of light are shining down upon me; "Lord here I am, please use me!"
Now I'm running in the fields of your glory; dancing in the clouds, I'm dazed.
cause the fragrance around me is so amazing, literally phased by grace.
We were face to face, back when our communion wasn't broken then.
Tugging and pulling, feels like I'm still living in a state of sin.
The cycle begins again, searching and seeking for dividends.
Your golden deposit, the seal, the spirit of God is teaching me how I should live
Victory's on the cross and all of our chains are tossed out!
Freedom from bondage, now I can go cause I've been bought out.
I'll keep my focus towards the heavens and future home.
But as for now, I'll be working hard with the land I own.
You give me purpose, eternal hope, and the living water.
Thank you my bread of life, my cornerstone, my loving father.

(Hook x2)

The epitome how a sinner be, running from the One who created me in His imagery
Gratifying in the sins, illiterate of the consequences it was costing Him on the tree
Yet while I was a sinner, He died for me, His bride to be, I'm proud to be
Called a son of God through Christ my Majestic Majesty
Pulled me from the dark shackles of the world, yokes crackled in the name of the Highest
Now I'm biased to the world, for the Lord poured living water when my soul was the driest
Quenching every need, finding contentment, on my knees, relentless praying never cease
With a peace that's endless, living in a love that depends on the One who is Tremendous
Runnin and chasin after the One and only Holy Messiah
Who kept me safe in His arms when living a life that deserved to expire
I aspire to be inspired Lord for You are the One I admire
I will run after You, pursue to be renewed daily, till my life has retired

(Hook x3)

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