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The Vision
by AMP

Album: Amp
by AMP

Please understand I've been to sunday service every week.
Steadily taking my notes and happily going to every retreat.
Serving the youth is a blast, but it's almost like a duty.
I'm running through the motions, except nobody can see right through me.
I know the rituals, what tools to use to fix you up.
Heard marvelous testimonies, but they all seem fictional.
I've been told that Christ alone is sufficient.
The Bible's so insipid, my soul isn't convinced to live different.

Well, the reason alone, we're prone to live condoning what the Lord has shown
Makin excuses, refusing to move just a step back allowing the Lord to use us
We just goto church, through the motions, losing focus on what truly brought us there in the first place
So we're doing plenty, but we're feelin empty, works rather than faith has become the main focus
If that's the case the cross is emptied, Christ is nullified and He died for nothing
But we signify that our works justify our place, we're living mediocre doing something
That's the issue, we're fixed to the thigns that we're doing thinking we're drawing ever closer to Christ
When the real picture is an intimate relationship, no wonder no desire lies to give up your life

See that's the thing, I know I gotta give up my life to the King.
But it's just so hard cause I keep on falling every time I step into the ring.
Even though I'm busy I still try to go and read a passage.
At least I'm not out drinking or partying like a savage.
I'm pretty sure you cannot lose salvation when you believe in Christ.
Plus if you profess Him as Lord with your mouth, then you got eternal life.
I think that's Romans 10, but bro it's my time to go.
It's been a long day, so I gotta make my way back home.

"Who is that? Wait...
I think it is... gasp...Lord, Lord!
Here I am! It's my time to enter your Kingdom Lord.
I'm really excited to sing with the angels and worship you Lord.
*Wait, what's happening? Why do I see darkness?
*[I never knew you, depart from me, you worker of lawlessness].
Noooo!!! All this time I thought my future was secure.
But I was such a fool, I was so sure I was kosher.
Now I gotta deal with this gnashing of teeth and burning flames.
Please! I don't wanna be like the rich man, give me one more day!
*RING!* Hello? Chung, man I'm so glad you called,
I just had a horrible dream."

Your vision my brother is true to the very word spoken from Jesus our Lord
Matthew 7:21-22, He's seeking those living His will that's for sure
We can't be speaking His name and living according to selfish desires
Revelation 3:16, He's spewing the lukewarm into the fire
It's easy to claim that were Christians, confessing His name as Jesus the Christ
But how is your heart conditioned, indifferent? won't even give up your life.
You say you believe but the context in Greek defines the word, to commit
And here we are giving up nothing, masking ourselves as truly legit
Confess or professing His name acknowledging He is Lord above all
Includes dependance on Him for we cannot stand, without Jesus we'll fall
It's more than saying the words, its backing it up and walking the walk
But the Scripture's been watered so down, we think we are saved by merely our talk

Wow! I thought that going to church was enough for me.
But now I see my wrongs, I need deeper intimacy.
I need to commit, by giving my all to my savior Christ.
I lay my own desires down, Lord I give You my life.

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