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Your Word
by AMP

Album: Glory Songs
by AMP

All Scripture is infallible and God-breathed
From the Pentateuch through the kings to the prophecies
Revealing the redemptive qualities of our King
Saving creation from depravity and satans regime
Living in the new covenant, Christ is dwelling within
The Word of God refining my soul, exposing my sin
Giving wisdom to equip myself from devil attacks
The Bible's all I pack for the journey like Moses's staff

You wanna hear the voice of God, then read it!
If you wanna hear the living words to life, then read it!
If you wanna hear the written words of Christ, then read it!
Sola Scriptura stands alone, no other text is needed!

I'm fighting like a lion, can you tell that I am dying?
Daily killing my desires, keep on lighting up that fire.
Those Garments of the old man, I'm trashing that attire.
Putting on the robes of Christ, no longer a squire.
I gotta quit playing around, it's time to man-up.
We got the bread of life, nourishment, our daily manna.
I'm done living life defeated; my spirit, I will feed it
with the truth of the gospel cause, brother, I will really need it.


Sam Ock:
Wake up! Feel the shaking in your bones!
Fix your eyes upon the Savior on His throne.
If you say you know Jesus but your life, it hasn't changed,
just listen and you'll hear His word screaming out your name!
You don't go into battle without your weapons.
"Arms up!" means the truth is what you rest in!
This is the word that is straight from our King.
If you don't live by it, then you don't have anything!


I'm sick of mediocre, stagnation terminated.
Planted by the brook, homie no need to be irrigated.
Delight in His laws, on it meditate from night to the dawn.
We heard His message now we respond.
Yo, we got the armor of God, his sword in our palms.
While we engage in the front lines our souls will be calm.
Though the tribulations rise around me I will stand firm
in my faith; declare 1 peter 5, that's His word.

May your words be mine own
Lord, my lips they shall exalt your throne
With every beat of my heart I'll seek your truth
The source of life is found in You

Sam/ CL/ J.Han:
How can a man keep his ways upright in purity
By keeping it according to His Word, grow in maturity
His word is a lamp unto my feet, lighting up the path
Leading to the One who saved us from a holy, righteous, wrath
Christ the Word abiding in the hearts of true believers
Changing up the game, making honest people from deceivers
Truth that sets us free, the treasure which enriches the soul
Your Word sanctifies the sinner, Lord You're making me whole


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