Gotta Say Thank You by ASON

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The Future Is Now by ASON

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Gotta Say Thank You

Album: The Future Is Now

Sweet girl, pretty girl, inside still a little girl/on the outside its about time for her to say good bye to this world/at least thats in her mind/6 mos ago she was fine/she cut a good man, met different one, round about the same/it was at a lil party over at her friends house sometime in July/she's a looker, he's eyeing/so they hook up, cuz hes fine/for you look up, she's cryin/she's shook up/he's lyin/its only been three weeks but he's beat her four times/and that's just where it starts/the man got it down to an art/bought her-a two car - rat wedding band as proof shes his heart/third trip to the hospital, thats when he laced her with four/she telling her friends she quitten the man, but they don't believe her no more/He holdin' weight, in her basement/eighty grand in the black safe/now she close to catching cases, not a clue how to escape/she in a pool of tears/ on the floor/ crying out/for the light/the phone rings/ its her friend/ homeboy got life - just say thank you.

and I just gotta say thank you (repeat)

Young G wit the braids/from the hood where they dig graves/had a gun since he was eight/but he still gettin good grades/and a scholarship bout the only way that he's gonna leave this place/got a phone call from his girl saying that her cycle aint came/great/now he got 1 kid wit another on the way/he's thinkin bout making tracks, y'know kinda like Just Blaze/but, that aint how he was raised/cuz grandmother stay prayin/so all during 12th grade he watching his big dreams fade/away/everyday he in the books, working like a slave/but its difficult to live hapilly when you 17 wit a family/it was a Thursday that he kneeled/said Lord I'mma keep it real/I'm bout to give this school thing up/hit the block up so I can deal/and its an ill way get a meal/but my baby girl need belly filled/can you just show me if only this one time that You're real/mother walked in with a letter from the state school, said open it/they gon pay for his tuition, his books, and his rent - just say thank you

and I just gotta say thank you (repeat)

They had the wedding of the year/everybody in the city was there/young groom with a tall bride/she was looking so right in her all white/it was all tight for the first two years/now they're welcoming a baby boy here/yes!/life is so blessed/nuthin but joy here/one day on his way to class/the son turned when he heard blasts/gun fight going on in the hall, a stray took his life in a flash/the mother, is in a daze/and the father, can't explain it/all the neighbors, stay away/cuz much later, they're still in anguish/and their faith in God is fading/she's in pain/and he's angry/many more tears/seven more years/and the woman can't seem to get pregnant/now the man stayin out late at night/and they arguing til the morning light/he's saying they gon come out of this/she's saying that she wants out of this/now they both outta words........then the preacher said "seek Him first"/so they stand on this verse/its after you're at the bottom, thats where real faith begins/now she comin back from the doctor/you betta get ready for twins! - just say thank you

Hook (2x):
and I just gotta say thank you (repeat)

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