The Finding by Allison Durham Speer

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The Finding
by Allison Durham Speer

She left home a'running feelin' so misunderstood
She really missed her mamma, but daddy did the best he could
But his dreams and her dreams were two very different things
And she really thought she ought to spread her wings
and fly to where she thought life was waiting
how could she have known how much she'd learn

Now her daddy woke up worried with a feeling "something's wrong"
So he checked her room and died a little when he saw her gone
The note pinned to her pillow was filled with angry words
But he read them with a father's heart and a miracle occurred
He forgot about the fighting
Nothin' matters now but finding her

He'd walk through the valley of the shadow of death
He'd give his last dollar, he would give his last breath
Every stone will be turned over, every rive will be crossed
He will never stop to count the cost of the finding

Now the city streets are crowded with forgotten runaways
Whose innocence is fading just a little more each day
Cause the world is so much colder when you're far away from home
And the shadows they remind you just how hard life is alone
Tho' she feels she can't go back now
She'd go home tomorrow if she knew

Repeat chorus

Isn't it just like a father to want us home again
No matter what we've done, no matter where we've been.

Repeat chorus

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