Cathedrals of The Nelder Grove by Benjamin William Hastings

Song Lyrics

Cathedrals of The Nelder Grove
by Benjamin William Hastings

Album: Benjamin William Hastings

Verse 1
I'm just trying to make a record
Forty texts and nine missed calls
They stripped the paint from our cathedral
Found concrete cancer in the walls
Look, I don't care about the failings
'Cause I've got plenty of my own
But the inclination to conceal it
Well, that doesn't sound like church at all

Instrumental Chorus

Verse 2
I've heard hell is out to get us
Some unrighteous grand assault
I could argue it's the devil
But I could make a case for God
The Pharisee, The Woke, The Wayward
But it's just three different shades of pride
So like white blood cells protect a body
Perhaps that's how God heals a bride

Instrumental Chorus

I don't know what to say, but that I cried

Verse 3
You know, I've sang before about sequoias
I guess we're more than just one song alike
But as I sit and mourn here in the garden
Indulge me please, just one more time
We tower high above our brothers
We reign the sky, but for a time
Alas, we serve beneath the soil
Where our death just makes a way for life

We're here right now in the railroad fire of, of 2017
Where four years ago, um, in the Nelder Grove of Giant Sequoias
And, and right now we're standing in an area that burned at low intensity
Uh, the fire burned in a mix like all wildfires do
It was mostly low and moderate intensity
But there was a portion that burned at high intensity as well
And the interesting thing, and for me as an ecologist
The important thing is that
In the low intensity fire areas
There is no giant sequoia reproduction, none
None from before the fire, none after the fire
Because what they need for that is high intensity fire
In other words, it's fire that's intense enough that it actually will kill some of the mature giant sequoias
But what you get in the bargain is hundreds of times more giant sequoias

You can't change where you've been
But you have where you are
Every start has its end
But every end is a start

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