Still Ridin by Bizzle, Alex Faith, Sean C. Johnson

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Well Wishes by Bizzle

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Still Ridin
by Bizzle, Alex Faith, Sean C. Johnson

Album: Well Wishes

Intro - Bizzle
Up and down round and round we go
Where we'll stop I hope somebody knows
Life goes up and down round and round we go
Where we'll stop it's only God who knows

Verse 1 - Bizzle
When I started yelling God over money I was dead broke
But they say that's kinda easy when your ends low
Went to Cali came back in a Benzo
Notice I ain't say the year but my friends know
Whippin' in my '96 like it's '94
Low cash no tag but I'm riding though
No insurance on this bad boy I drive slow
Paid tithe gave God His off the top though
Lord you know I try to stay obedient in hard times
That's how He get to seeing where your heart lies
I follow in your word cause my heart lies
As I get to flippin' through the sin in my archive
Feeling like I came so far now I'm so deep
Err'body feel I'm so strong but I'm so weak
Shooting up this mountain so fast am I gon' peak
If I don't put myself on blast are they gon' see
My confession the realest thing I ever wrote
Now it's past say thickest chain He ever broke
Some'll dis it some'll listen like He hell it though
I just wanna do what God say nothing less or more
Fell once I repented then I fell twice
That's what this christian war like in real life
Up and down what this roller coaster feel like
But I ain't givin' up I'm a still ride

Hook - Sean C. Johnson (Bizzle)
What goes up must come down
Round and round
Still we ride till we fall
Ain't got nothing
In my past that can hold me
So we ride till we fall

(I'm still ridin' I'm still ridin'
I'm still ridin' Father I'm still ridin'
They try to throw me off but I'm still ridin'
Ridin' till I'm gone I'm still ridin')

Verse 2 - Alex Faith
I was livin' like a King before billboard and ASCAP's
Still ignoring rappers I don't feel 'em more than half that
Garbage that they spittin' I'm on mission livin' past that
The weak lines and ignorance are both you cannot mash that
But I can't front and say that I got it all together though
Honestly in my heart I be feeling less then low
But they tell me I'm the next to blow should I ignore 'em
Cause I do believe the critics through rappers who be on forums
I see a ride I'm in love with this say what I want no publicist
Hit the stage and get an 808 I wanna see the place turning up to this
Long night long night vibin' out to my headphones
Get right light it up better take the pic with your cell phone
Respond to the crowd when the public come through
Never knew what the new kid is gon' do
Ignore the hate and accept love better get the work for His kingdom
Can't debate that we rise above cause earth ain't all that we from
It's more then saying that I'm a christian I gotta be one


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