Wait For It by Blake Whiteley

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Wait For It
by Blake Whiteley

Album: Wait For It - Single

Verse 1
Whatchu gon' do when everybody around you is gettin' opportunity that you've been workin' hard for
You can't even buy one, kiss it bye son
Get a real job, choose a different art form
All you get is no with a slammed door
Got a hand through
Kick it, then I get a jammed toe
I can't even get an e-mail
Who is Jan Doe?
I can feel it gettin' near, was it comin' so slow
'Cause I'm
Breakin' the bank roll
I'ma cross over, breakin' the ?
Gotta be a defender, now I'm tryna pick an angle
Pick a lock, and I go through the back of a window
'Cause I'm
Stuck between a rock and a hard place
? to buy a home we can call our place
Maybe get a recliner, stretch our legs
Had a big garage and two car space
Lookin' at our face, you could see the relief
Only when I get a number one music release
There's other visions that I get that I see in my sleep
Make or believe when you never stop pursin' your dream
You gotta grind hard, pray 'til you're blue in the knees
Got a hearse down here, whatcha doin' to me?
No you know what you're doing so I'ma step with the doubt
And I got a uphill battle, I keep on climbin' the mountain
Too many people around and took a sip from the fountain
It's pretty vital, but I think there's somethin' different about 'em
Ministry focus on the journey while they try to reroute it
The jokers joke ?
It's the morning, better ? your heart, gotta be poundin'
But I do better under pressure when the enemy doubtin', look

David-Goliath, I gotta keep fightin'
Why they actin' so surprised when I blow up
And break the silence
I can give up or get up
Lose it or live, I'm not throwin' the towel
I'm going in when I'm going arounds
But I pray the know God when I go in the ground
I helpin' you hurtin' so don't come around, yeah

Verse 2
This is all I have to
Find another beat I can body and rap to
Got a side job, nothin' I wanna fall back to
Bout to put my daughter down for a nap soon
Take your favorite rapper, put him in a pair of tap shoes
Make him dance around the floor, somethin' I can laugh to
Got a pass, but it's nothing that I get attached to
Misunderstood, but authority thought I was bad news
Look, I ain't never really had a good life
Only thing that's good about me is a good wife
Got a good guy that come and can mess a good night up
Put your pride down, you put up a good fight
? but I don't wanna release all the energy
Especially, 'cause I know that this is all from the enemy
How you gonna lead a family and then do a ministry?
You won't ever make it makin' rap tunes in the industry
Look, what I gotta do to succeed?
What I gotta do to bring it out of you and dig deep?
Workin' two jobs, tired by the end of the week
Now this bag around, I feel like I ain't got any sleep
Then I look around the house and see the things that I need
Gotta pray really hard, I got a family to feed
I got a passion inside of me, and it's diggin' me deep
Post a video a week, hoping it plant a seed, look

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