Locomotive by Caleb Gordon

Song Lyrics

by Caleb Gordon

Album: Locomotive - Single

Ayy, two thousand, EST
Ayy, yeah, ayy (This a- uh, quick)
(That way, That way this, this a-), uh, ayy, ayy (Uh, uh, this a- uh, this a- this a-)
(That way, That way this), uh Quick fix, go (Siah with the flow goin' crazy)
Cra- cra- crazy
Siah, Siah, Siah, fix the plug goin' crazy

Hey, Mr. Postman, hey, Mr. Postman (Hello)
Ayy, we 'bout to spread the message to whoever open (Yeah, we 'boutta go)
Ayy, Spirit make you cha cha, this is not a slow dance (Ayy, ayy)
Ayy, I don't need the "Grrat-ta" to show I'm a grown man (I don't need the "Grrat-ta-ta-ta")
Ayy, these people want success, but they be havin' no plans (Haha, what your plans?)
Ayy she think that I'm impressed 'cause she can throw it, no hands (No, that don't impress me)
Now I see that you can get undressed, but tell me, how your soul is?
I'm sorry, I can't talk to chicks that don't know where they goin' (Where you goin'?)
When I was younger, lot of things I had was 'cause I stole it (I stole it)
Now I put my trust in G-O-D 'cause what I need, He own it (Yeah, He own it)
Wait, hol' on, wait, let's get it jumping like it's Shonen (Let's get it jumpin', yeah)
Ayy, faith on me, homie, nah, this ain't no hocus pocus (Ayy, yeah, yeah, let's go)
Believe what I can't see, they like "C'mon, man, you must be jokin'"
That don't bother me, I just stay on the road just like a Roman (Skrrt)
Heard the gift is free, I mean that's just what I read in Romans (That's just what I read in Romans)
Keep it high key, no soprano, but I'm vocal coaching (Ayo, I'm coachin')
Keep it humble, G, I don't need to be braggadocious (No, no, no, no, no)
Siah on the beat, switch the key so we can keep on goin' (?, shoutout)
We just keep it movin' like a locomotive (Yeah, skrrt)
Wisdom tell me "Hol' on, please don't ever lead by your emotions" (Hey, don't lead by that)
Hey mom, look, I'm on TV, I feel like Kenneth Copeland (Hol' on)
I ain't switched the flow on this whole record, they might think it's broken (?)
They out there playin' chess, I'm playing checkers, homie, keep your focus, I just said that backwards (Keep your focus)
Switch the words and you see how we rollin', the Devil's not a factor (See how we rollin')
He has no control on what you're doin' (On what you're doin')
Try to tell me lies, I just block it like I'm Patrick Ewing (Pa-ha)

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