Everybodys Psycho by Canon

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Blind World by Canon

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Everybodys Psycho
by Canon

Album: Blind World

It's All big cycle
It ain't just the kids
cuz everybody psycho

The Cure for change you'd think they might know
They can't change a thing
Because everybody psycho

These children had issues
sexually aggressive some gone in their mental plus
Physically aggressive housing children who done assaulted the law even family incarceration was their only plan b,

Plan c was obvious couse only Death could cage these animals cuz psych hospitals couldn't manage em

The public don't want em they'd rather say they dont exists when only eAch and every kid wish they did this is nonsense

Family put em off to the side
Either for discover and some left to die as I'm reading their profiles

I had to close the files and walk away because pain I began to feel inside

A child raped at age seven
Now he cant even hold his feces and now he's age eleven I can smell em,

Gotta child who had his hand put in hot water now his fingers stuck together all because the father true story


The stuff y'all done seen on Maury, ain't no comparison to what these kids will do at age thirty

I can see these same kids years ago home alone Scream daddy don't hurt me and mama please mama don't burn me

Some of these kids seeing things that we can't see
Is it for real or do we only call em crazy
What if society entitled you as crazy
Some are bound down to the title screaming save me

No concept to understand concepts

Aggressions been their only option in their conscience it was common

While the government continues to make a profit, question if these kids are only targets

But God is sovereign you can ask Solomon
I Usually don't get onto politics
Till I was lost in it

I use to work for that hospital
Acknowledging that they ain't getting better no matter what they been swallowing


Medi medi medicine, locked up in the offices, kids killing themselves while everybody watching em.

I had to leave I had to get out to breathe, becoming numb to the sin was apparent man I was weak

This the place for ya child they made it seem but behind closed doors it was hell to the t.

I seen things you probably wouldn't believe, how they pose to free the kids when the doctors don't have the keys

Even the doctors, the therapists are hypocrites, try to tell these kids that they don't have sense in them.

Even the doctors with degrees ain't got sense in them
Some just went to school so in the end they'll have a cent in then
If this was all we had for some help there's no hope
Its like there trying to wash a whole mess without soap
And Their hands are filthy too
Y'all can look close
The only one who ain't crazy is Jesus but y'all don't feel so ah,


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