Runaway by Canon

Song Lyrics

by Canon

Album: The Great Investment Mixtape

I can feel in it in the air
I can see it the skys
It's a feeling that I been getting
Lately I can't hide

I Hear em callen to my heart
I can feel em a mile away
I think he telling me to Leave this old place and just runaway to him

I gotta runaway I gotta runaway yea I gotta runaway I gotta runaway I gotta runaway I gotta runaway I gotta runaway I gotta runaway

Aye let me tell you bout a truth
Once upon a time I aint know
There was a reason I was brought in situations i ain't want
My life was nothing like the glamorous liven family was po
Remember wearing Shaq shoes and sketchers couse I was broke

Hand me downs, was all around me shopped at the thrift store
wish I had a least a pair white ones from next door

Yea my intentions was wantin to be the freshest but I ain't know
The reason I wanted attention couse my self esteem was low

I wanted everyone to Like me
Couse I was so insecure rockin two or three chains and watch just to be assured

My assurance wasn't in something greater wasn't mature, had no identity masculinity was about my gear

To Others it would appear that was trying to be the boss but what them others couldn't see was that I couldnt see the cross

My significance was only in other peoples applause, wantin to be excepted by em instead of by God
But now I

Even in college up in Memphis I was trippen couse I saw the other brothers around me and how they live it

Everybody knew bout life I was the one that ain't experienced it
they knew about manhood (how you know) couse they was getting in it

While I was chasen peoples approval I couldn't stand it,
Was looking at everybody looking for what a man is

I ain't look at the partner who created the men I just glanced all around me to figure out Wht the plan is

Wasn't later till I found out that God was the plan,It was on purpose he made me to be the way that I am

Like eminem In Stan I became a fan to the man and told jesus that I am what ever you say I am

I can wake up with love he supplies, instead of being put down I can look up at the skys

To the heavens and in heaven I can look up at the guy and say that I appreciate em for freeing me I'm a live


Im excepted I been justified im justified in him
I ain't got people please couse I'm significant in him


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