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Loose Canon, Vol. 2 by Canon

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by Canon

Album: Loose Canon, Vol. 2

Intro - Canon
Canon say he go loco huh?
Canon go crazy huh?
Okay, well let's see how loco you go
Canon go crazy huh?

Verse 1 - Canon
I go and act a donkey on 'em
I said I act a donkey on 'em
King Kong ain't got nothin' on my hittas my gorillas go bananas like a monkey on em
Track sick I need Tylenol
I tell 'em get the Tylenol
I can make the song shut up
Then bring it back and tell it no this ain't a monologue
I'm cuttin' all the conversation
I got joy but the devil tryin' to confiscate it
I'm too live I know they gotta hate it but my mommy and daddy happy that younger child made it
I'm grateful
I know they thinking canon trippen he disgraceful
I ain't nothin' you can label
Unless it's comin' out your mouth that I'm faithful

Hook - Canon
Go and act a donkey on 'em
Go and act a donkey on 'em
Go and act a donkey on 'em
Go and act a donkey on 'em

I'm a tell 'em I'm trippen
Trippen trippen trippen
Tell 'em I'm trippen
Trippen trippen trippen

Verse 2 - Canon
I'm comin' to your house yeah
I'm on some eat my fried chicken on your couch yeah
Watchin' cable then I'm out yeah
But not before I drink your juice it's a drought yeah
Shh.. You're too loud yeah, I'm in the refrigerator look what I done found yeah
I'm 'bout to eat the whole cake get the dinner plate, I'm rackin' up the crumbs catchin' pounds yeah
Ooh, I'm a trouble maker
Well I guess that I'm a trouble maker
Was a class clown in my school years just a cool peer here tryin' to make it
I'm a trip yeah, loose canon got 'em ringin' like a flip yeah
Then I'm a take a pic yeah , I'll take a selfie with your fans eatin' chips yeah


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