Beautiful Dreamer by Christon Gray

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Beautiful Dreamer
by Christon Gray

Album: Beautiful Dreamer - Single

Intro: Christon Gray
I wanna take this time to mention some people that I think we should all be praying for:
Dave Chappelle, Donald Trump, Megan Markle, Lecrae Moore, Michelle Williams, Jeremiah Givens, Kanye West, Paula White, Don Lemon and Lebron James

Verse 1: Christon Gray
Uh, now everybody hit the streets
The camera shoots us all 'til everybody gets a piece
Black squares dissin' trolls but that ain't the way you leave
Are you just as much Malcolm as Martin Luther King, huh?
See I got black brothers that I love a lot
Who didn't know that they were fallin' for the plot
If white privilege is a blessing, why we in this spot?
Potato or potato, we need to make it stop
Sure, silence can make anybody nervous, and
No disrespect to the pastors of all the churches
I can't sit through another ambiguous service
We take you at your word that you don't do it on purpose
Is it real vs spoof or is it fake vs proof?
Do you want to know the facts or are you looking for the truth?And you only guessin' who if you ain't sharing the land
But you can come on over here, cos there's no line in the sand
Beautiful dreamer

Chorus 1: Christon Gray
Come talk to me, why don't you come talk to me?
Don't start walking away
We had a dream and the dream got taken away (Beautiful dreamer)
Come talk to me, why don't you wanna talk to me?
You just keep walking away (Beautiful dreamer)
We had a dream that was born in the USA

Verse 2: Propaganda
Yeah you know I got the genes of my foremothers, ain't gave up yet
Why them other boys in blue stripe bang their set
Man how am I 'posed to manage, their gang got badges
White House gave 'em hood passes and free passage to act savage
Seen 'em cliqued up though, bling in their ice
To put a freeze on the dreams of them brown teens
And their mama risk it all to try to feed coyotes
Drop off the seeds at the tender age of three
Show-stoppers and leaders feared by the elitist
Imprison or deport 'em ,but we gon' force them to see us
Solidarity, clarity, I speak verily verily
My church is in the wild full of wild ones
My style come from dreaming of a future
Where ice don't rage your mama home and the cops don't shoot ya, beautiful

Chorus 2: Christon Gray
Some talk to me, they don't want to walk with me
I wonder why they're turning away
Though we had a dream and it seems like it's fading away
Come walk with me, cruise around the block with me
A mile is all it takes
Fulfilled a dream for the sake of the USA

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