Close Circles by Christopher Syncere

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Syncere by Christopher Syncere

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Close Circles
by Christopher Syncere

Album: Syncere

(Ambience, footsteps)
(Whispering, gun cocking)

Verse 1
Ay, keep my circle close I can't fool 'round with no wild boys
Yeah they kept that Draco on 'em they was up like Malfoy
They been talking about me and it's all behind my back, wow
Play about a lot of things I can't play with that, wow
Keep my circle close I was down but now I'm back now
Still remember looking at my grandma when he blacked out
I went Dyawne Johnson on my opps laid the smackdown
I was gassed I got humbled baby boy I sat down
People that don't know they gon' speak what they see
They don't see my combos with the chief of police
Needing just to talk about how to clean up these streets
They just see the Grammys want to scream at they screen
Keep my circle close and my information closer
Daddy left when I was four and I still ain't got no closure
I got leaders in my life but I still want my Father
They won't see the tears I cried they just want to comment
Keep my circle close I can't share my pain with many
Never had no pops but he gave me uncle Lenny
Never had no brother but he gave me Blake and Gabe
We was in the share calling down on change
Demons was tryin' to control everything that I said so I stepped up and grabbin' they throat
My sister tried to come grab me up under my bed but I know you can't kill a goat
Peter told me in the Bible to not and go and do anything that will mess up my soul
So you tell me what are the likes and the pictures, the woman the playing around with the...

(Gunshots, walking, gunshots, walking, car engine starting)

Verse 2
And they on they recess like TJ but I don't play
And she got me turning to a simp son I'm like OJ
Just a year ago I was a rando I had no name
Now I got some blue checks in my DM's but I won't change
Mama Jay(?) was covering my genius she was like Aunt May
Syncere always chose that straight and narrow instead of that broadway
Half of these artists is ? in this instead of rapping and need to hit broadway
Been hurt in the past know I keep my heart on ice like Rod Wave
You can't kill the child in me
Still the same lil' kid that was running 'round town with a dream
Black boy from the eastside little O-Town in the scene
God said if I seek him he gon give out what I need
I got Satan tryin' to kill me when my sleep so I stop sleepin'
If you see me with some battle scars it's 'cause I battle demons
And I pray up late that they all just leave me
And I ask and pray and fastin' for a father
All I got back results of trauma
Now I got nobody there to guide me, through all the questions that I'm trying to process
This for the days we were struggling living off ramen noodles in the pantry
I had no daddy Syncere ambassadors that's why I say bump the music give me family
Bump the music bump the grammy
I wanna spend time off the road and move with my mama and granny
No amount of money gonna heal my scars
No amount of women gonna fix my heart
Chasing fantasies of a bigger dream, bigger things, big house, nice car
Only to find the that the things that I thought was light is making me dark
It's making me, it's making me, making me dark ... dang

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