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Boogiroot by DJ Maj

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by DJ Maj

Album: Boogiroot

Sometimes you just have to give it all away
Maj...uncle Tait
This is how we do it Ė let's go, let's go
Pss'd ay I've got something to tell ya
And it might come off a little rebellious but
I've been staring at this party from long range
And everybody's same thang with no change
I'm on the hunt for those opposite no shame
With hands lifted to the high reign of the sovereign
I know you're weary of the everyday mundane
Traps of the chain gang trying to maintain
I'm here to give you an option it's
Much better that you see it minus the optic lens
Minus the club bars minus the pretty whips
Past the street creeps fleeing from billy sticks
Picture a city where mentality's one cross
And one boss strips it all down to 10 laws
I gave up the wrestling became a resident
Deserted earth and left for rest in it come on haaa

Hands - Lift them up to the sky
Let the world know you're alive
I don't care what you came for
I wanna see your hands
Like a beacon of light
Shining all through the night
I don't care what you came for
I wanna see your hands

Well I double dog dare you all
To surrender your everything
Split the ball and chains and go all out
Make a move
And if it suits you get your feets up too
And let's spread the love over the world
And infect the wicked minded similar to wireless
Virus devices
No need to hide kids open up your eyelids
Let me see your iris
All aboard baby do the belly flop dance
We the caravan of some fly fisherman (so get em' up)
Ring the alarm and tell the cops
Now the block is on lock down
See there ain't gonna be no fights tonight
Cause these fingers are busy reaching for the rights to life
So just trust us when we say
We don't care what you came for
We're gonna release the spark within
Over some hip hop guitar picking
Hey so let me can you dig it
Jah Creator mighty Savior
So make way for the thief in the night
And get your fingers way up the sky
As we rock it like this y'all like that y'all
No contest we keep it fresh y'all
Come on haa
See your hands

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