Let's Go by DJ Maj

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Boogiroot by DJ Maj

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Let's Go
by DJ Maj

Album: Boogiroot

If you like how my squad do
Turn it up pop the sunroof
But if you front while we get loose
We will shut down your whole crew
Go, go, let's go
If you're ready to ride, let's go
Feeling all right tonight let's go

I take full responsibility for what's about to go down here
We gonna throw down here
It's unpredictable when hanging with my friends and them
We're all out frolicking with my kinsmen and
We be in pursuit of some real hot spots
Where we can respect the ladies and shake hands with cops
And grab mic phones have you sweating like
Professional wrestlers (you wanna ride with us)
I got a tank full of something from the Jordan river
Push the button now you're in my rear view mirror
Give me 5 up high down low
My big show got so much soul
We're in Cahoots with a priest who bruised to
Bring peace between you and the (law) in blue suits
Remember this you can run but you cannot hide
From I the natti natti plus Chi the north side let ride

Clap with me if you feel it baby
If I get rich I'll get you a Mercedes
If you believe that than the sky is green
But even Martin Luther King had a dream (so keep dreaming)
Let's go - Mano a mano
You the flow so think you swear the mouth had mono
It's Shonlock or Sholo you know the hard act to follow
Snatch the genie out the bottle now the vessel is hollow
(So fill me up) Squeaky squeaky spread love from city to city
You find me frequently freaking frequencies load before me (yup)
It's silky sooky baby get to know me
I'm a breath of fresh air when you've been fooling with phonies
Naw, I ain't a player shoot I'm coaching the game
I move them units on my own so stop approaching me lame
My angle and aim ain't changed rattle your frame in Jesus name
You spark I spit fire and flame, bringing you the hotness
If you're ready to ride let's go

From the land of the beautiful
Slave to the rhythm don't you misbehave no turn it up
This is your cut move your feet
I know it feels good to you but control the freak
It's a fantastic voyage (the beat y'all)
Through every city nook and cranny get with me
Because it's much too hot for ya (beat y'all)
To miss the remedy for feelings of misery
Simply put, it's pure heaven
From Puerto Rico to the Netherlands
Maj-LB still a DJ at heart with a story similar
To Sean Carter from Sophie so just ride

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