Copycat Interlude by Da' T.R.U.T.H., Dr. Ravi Zacharias

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Copycat Interlude
by Da' T.R.U.T.H., Dr. Ravi Zacharias

Album: It's Complicated

I remember when I was in my western civilization class
I struggled junior year college because it was the first time I was exposed
To the deluge stories and that was the first time I was exposed to greek
Mythological stories that has predated the biblical historical creation accounts
I literally I wrestled I closed my Bible I just wrestled with God in prayer
For weeks a close friend of mine just recently you know started questioning and
Even defected from the faith again here we had this copycat religion how has christian
How christianity just copied the religions of old you know where osiris, horus and all
Osiris you know had a cursory glance seemingly identical to the father and the son
So anyway I just wanted you to speak to the whole idea of you know christianity being
A copycat religion or plagiarizing stories from ancient text or whatever

So people who say these stories are all plagiarized ought to read a little bit of C.S Lewis
Who was an expert in mythology and he says when I read mythology I know it's mythology
So you talk about osiris and all he said when I'm reading history I know I'm reading history
So you take fifteen hundred years before Jesus the prophetic schema. You take the book of Daniel from Daniel eight to eleven the specific prophecies of the kingdoms that we going to come ultimately to Greece and the division of Greece into fall the blending into two of ?
Into the emergence into the Roman empire it's not mythology this is specific pre-written prophecy in history so exact you see so these are the stories that I think the Bible is the book of history. It's just a very reckless and uh pardon my using the word a sophomoric dismissal
Of the historic facts of the christian faith

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