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The Roar by Datin

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The Signs - Intro
by Datin

Album: The Roar

Can't you see we're in the last days
Read between the lines. These are times
Jesus spoke about and He advised us to see the signs
Rumors of wars and nukes that destroy
It is kingdom vs kingdom they order troops to deploy

How about the plagues and diseases without ? wreaking havoc
Quakes and twisters hitting places
Where it's not an average then it happens
All the ? that quickly ravage the planet
People scavenge for a couple scraps to eat where all the trash is

Birds are falling from the sky and found dead on the floor
And across the world a bunch of fish are found dead on the shore
Typhoons and tsunamis hurricanes and malevolent storms
And the Antichrist is here but stop looking for devils with horns

He is a dude sent from hell to usher in this new movement
Where the heck have you been
Homie, turn on your tube and tune in
And you will witness actors and artists in the music business
Blatantly mock the Lord as they flaunt their upside-down crucifixes

And you can see who the illuminist is
The diamond signs and the left eye peeking through the sixes
It's proof they're with this agenda that's illuministic
They influence kids to think it's cool to join this new resistance

Illuminati wants your mind, soul, and your body
Secret society is trying to keep their eye on me
Disguised as these celebrities
They quietly devising a plan to take over the world
And this starts with your mind, you see?

When you hear "new world order" you think of martial law
Soldiers kicking down your door with guns like "get down on the floor"
But you're wrong. They'll push their views on us till they sink in
They start the new world by ordering our way of thinking

It's like a subtle form of hypnotism
They overexpose us to all this symbolism
But pose as no threat so we feel safe to build a friendship with them
Then when our guard is down the snake will bite and inject its venom

Politicians claim "in God we trust" but they pretenders
The fruit they bear is proof that God the Father ain't the center of their lives
They support abortions and push gay agendas
They're free mason members sent to open doors so Satan enters

And the enemy slips through cracks like a centipede
He's crept into the church now the house of prayer is a den of thieves
And greed has filled the church with ?
That is the type of stuff that made Jesus flip all the merchants' tables

There's more evidence and proof that the end's in view
But what I present to you is enough to prove this impending doom
So will you act like everything is fine. Pretend and do nothing about it
Or will you tell them Jesus is descending soon

I must admit I have been such a coward
Cuz I rap about reaching the lost but really ain't do much about it
I was preoccupied with the mic and the stage
Not making disciples and modeling Christ in my ways

I'm saying I've got family that don't know Jesus as Lord
And I've got some friends that don't even believe in the God
And I hold back cuz I don't want to see them annoyed
But the truth is if I don't preach I will see them destroyed

My people, this ain't a conversation we can avoid
We got to disturb that temporary peace and make noise
Through word and deed we must model Jesus to all
The time is now so I'm inviting all believers to roar, to speak up

The Bible said for Jesus we're ambassadors
So it's time to rip off this muzzle of fear and passiveness
The Bible said for Jesus we're ambassadors
So we gots to rip off this muzzle of fear and passiveness

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