Beat the Rap by Deepspace 5

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Beat the Rap
by Deepspace 5

Album: The Future Ain't What It Used Be

This is the case of State versus Deepspace 5 the defense can call its first witness
Please state your name for the court

Fred B
Freddie hot-hands, lend me your ear and I can tell you Sev's gameplan
Homie was soft, see Dust was cuttin' him short
On the back of Dust's record I would like to report
It's the god's honest, doggonest truth I tell ya'
Started looking through his records talking Helter Skelter
Had a, look in his eye like he wanna try, with a head full of lies he heard from Rabbi
Then he, dropped the verse how he padded the purse
Dust tried to explain then he had to reverse, with the statement from Paypal, to validate
Plus in the ashes of the rubble is a file from Nate

Please state your name for the court

Sev Statik
Sev Statik the point man I'm always on course come on kid
How was it me? stuck in my notebook with thousands of beats, drowning in freestyle
Meanwhile I feel some heat, ain't nothing strange I knew it was me
Because my pen holds lava, to spit harder, to spit hotter, it's getting darker
Smoke filled rooms, it's not me, choking out, get on the floor, move towards the door
But out the back, manCHILD with a little bit of talk to hand because I figure he did it, uh-huh

Please state your name for the court

ManCHILD, I was sleeping on the sofa when the fire ran wild,
But the phone rang waking a copy of Slow Flame, I was sorta blacked out but I saw the whole thing,
Figure with the itchy trigger finger to shoot, Like flicker, bigger, sticker to the biggest of the crews, he was like, diesel what's a wigger to do,
Next thing I know I'm speaking to the evening news, it spread so fast,
I'll leave it to you, on some scientific theories that you leading them through,
Found butterfly wings all over the crime scene, man Sivion did it,
Believe it son, I'm clean

Please spit your game for the court

It's Sivion, bomb on the mic when I write, make a million,
What's really on, is what's really gone crazy,
Dust's crib burned and they blame me, but I got no shame cause I saw the whole thing,
If you know the style you can figure out the name, it will make you go dang,
If you do the math you would probably do the same, we got hungry from the raps,
Sev put the Chicken Patties on the grill in the back,
The deck caught flame from every stub angle,
You saw the chubb prints so talk to Doug Dangle

Please state your name for the court.

Come on man, you heard the flow, you know who I am
Gosh dangit dang I'm so innocent, I've been framed by unmagnificent
Kiddy size, small young in their uniform, flowers, my little ponies and unicorns
The truth is everybody there saw Ozark Empire strike back, Arkansas
The hillbilly himself was burning a bite, drop a spark on the carpet and all ignite
We all ran but we didn't know it all combust, Listener better listen up and talk to Dust

Please state your name for the...

Dan Smith, good citizen of life and I solemnly swear, to not tell a lie while I sit in this chair
It was all dark, drove up on the scooter, our 5 foots stricken, past a string of looters,
Stuff from Nate's house hanging from the arms and pieces of Nate's house burning on the lawn
I see Nate arms to the sky on his knees and I look out back see a figure in the trees,
It was an ugly Sasquatch Phantom of the Opera (You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!), it burned a window in the studio with a candelabra

Mister foreman, do you have a verdict? 25 to life each one of them burned it
Mister foreman, do you have a verdict? 25 to life each one of the deserved it

May it please the court, I'm counsel for the defendants, there has been a travesty of justice in this sentence. No genuine issue of material fact presented from which a jury of their peers could be convinced that beyond a reasonable doubt these six men did it

I'd like to reserve rebuttal time after my colleague's finished
You see your honor, on the night in question they could not have done it they were jacked on epinephrine
and Dust he saw it all, but I firmly believe that that his testimony should be suppressed fruit of the poisonous tree
And your honor, if I'm really being honest, there has been a violation of substantive due process of Roe v. Wade and Lawrence vs. Texas and the forum state lacks a thoroughly sufficient nexus
To keep these men, did I fail to mention that the jurists suffered from a general lack of attention, or really any good sense, I think one was blind and the alternates shot dice and partied all the time
And the state's main witness was John Caliglio and everyone in lock-up knows that he's a snitch yo
This verdict is void ab initio, res ipsa loquitur, and x post facto
???? ultra vires faeces quid pro quo plus I think it has rabies
We need a change of form and venue, toilet paper plus my lockup needs a menu
He's starved clients behind bars and I'd like to file a motion to have your honor disbarred or at least recused, institute sanctions for your contempt and multiple violations, assault, battery, malicious prosecution, bad breath, libel, slander, prostitution, loss of consortium, clients can't survive,
since the ruling they haven't had any sex with their wives
This is a breach of your fiduciary duties, only recourse is sell our story to the movies
Get paid millions, give it to the children, do it all over again to beat the system

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