Elementary by Deepspace 5

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by Deepspace 5

Album: The Night We Called It a Day

just another one of god's little building blocks i guess
do my best to bail out my chest,
my back to bake your progress
i can only guess what i might be when i grow up
maybe saturate the earth if me and oxygen hook up
maybe fuel a rocket ship so that kids can learn to dream
got fire in my bones and so i'm prone to blow off steam
i'm the breath of the sun, from its lung to far flung
got isotopes to poke fun and compounds to become
but wait, what have you done? feel the burn that overcomes
in the plume of my cloud; death to bloom so well endowed
just to shake the earth apart you plan to make my heart to break
scorch the earth and burn my memory with the lives you made me take
coz i'm hydrogen, heaven or hell within my walls
hold my breath and seek peace each time humanity calls

and you can call it elementary
blend with symmetry
periodically we all come together
like it was meant to be

through the pressure, i take what you give me and create diamonds
shining when the smoke clears from all the violence
choking out life when it's begging with arms open
sneaking out lungs suffocating without holding
punishing brain cells when i speak my straight prose
say how i'm taking o2's innocence as i boast
rain on the aftermath like cold wind in the desert
to send chemical baths starting your growth spurt
drafting out plans to deliver the right reason
stifling life and changing with all seasons
i'll be the carbon copy, graphite and on paper
crystallizing oxygen that burns into vapor

yo, my very presence is a beacon speaking through the dark
hearkening hardened hearts and those so far apart to step inside
and my reason for being is just to shine bright, and that's my right
but evil men confine me to bar signs and steal my limelight
so many find sight beneath my reds, blues and greens
love, brawls, crime-scenes amongst the many things that i've seen
when i'm large on broadway, main attraction type of program
my trance will pacify and catch your eyes like butterflies
wonder why under my glow all the hookers look so pretty
yo i guess all the time they sit with me from here to sin city
i see past them as they please on the street corners where they work
i illuminate so bright, i see they souls and they hurt
i seen adulterous affairs in all the motels where i work
i might burst into tears if i don't die laughing first
my name is neon; i glow, i flash, i dim, i flicker
i hypnotize the world with some words in a picture

freddie bruno
the dark matter that can't be created or destroyed
existed when time began as a pointless void
at the ignition of gunpowder i become airborne
and reconfigure anatomy like i was liz claiborne
a non-malleable metal that covers your date
i'm the impeccable toxin on your china in place
i've been a prisoners accessory from armory to weaponry
paperweight to deadweight to keys to treasuries
i'm a guide to magnetism, a basis for stationary
a library of rudimentary sound queries
profound theories and my series of relevance
seated at the table of periodic elements

from outskirts of outbursts before shouts burst
you must intake what's emitted from the plants and the trees
me, i've been around and pounded by the lung
responsible for breath control on songs sung
the final exhale for the lives that diminish
to the last push on christ's words when it was finished
from obscure to the obvious
i obtained and occupy this whole sky
my oh my i fly, but offhand
it's odd i could sink the mighty men, me and hydrogen
make it official we combine for the ocean
and i send the oscillating breeze so please
i outlast and outshine while you're outlined in some chalk
i just walk through orbit, the rest of them forfeit
i'm outward searching for some lungs for courtship
so you could abort ship and scorch it
then i most enjoy when hearts overflow,
coz i supply the fuel for songs to overthrow
the flesh we override, it's best to coincide
with the one who that you, so we flow through with o2

Hook x4:
and you can call it elementary
blend with symmetry
periodically we all come together
like it was meant to be

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