In Spite of All by Derek Minor

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PSA Volume 3 by Derek Minor

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In Spite of All
by Derek Minor

Album: PSA Volume 3
by Derek Minor

In spite of all your wrongs, my love for you keeps rollin' strong

[Verse 1:]
Black ski mask, 50 taught him how to ride
Watch him with the.40, call him Kobe, he a shooting guard
Owner of the store, he always be trippin'
So after he do his count, we gon' catch him slippin'
That's when he thought in his brain he heard a bang
Then the owner came out with that thang and let 'em rang
He hit the owner in his neck, ended with his death
Panicked, threw the gun in the trash, and then he left
Now he in front of the judge dodging the book
'Cause sin got no sympathy for killers and these crooks
Uh, gave him life in the clink
Trapped in the pen, he the ink
Contemplated suicide, "I feel like such a fool"
"Is there a heaven for a gangster? Can I be renewed?"
And around that time there was a guard controlling Block 2
Looked in his cell, said "God told me to tell you..."

In spite of all your wrongs, my love for you keeps rollin' strong

[Verse 2:]
Till death do us part, husband and wife
You'll be mine and I'll be yours for the rest of my life
Infatuation's amazing when it's at very start
But two kids and arguments can pull you far apart
She driftin', and that dude at work, he listen
He notice her when her hair fly, she lovin' his attention
A couple lunch dates, they won't hurt her
"Besides, it ain't a date if he my co-worker"
That's how she rationalizes all the lies that she tells
Till them restaurants turn to hotels
And them "uh-ohs" turn to "owells"
She in an affair, but she wanna end it 'cause it ain't fair
Yeah, she break it off, come home, didn't tell her husband
He feel broken, betrayed, she gave away her lovin'
But instead of hate, he chose another way
Love her like Christ, he grab her hand and say...

In spite of all your wrongs, my love for you keeps growing strong
[Verse 3:]
Deep inside my heart, I'm growing bitter
Not from Kansas City, but I am Chief of sinners
If it seem that I am more supreme than
Anyone, for really bro, I hope you don't believe that
Like Jeffrey Dahmer, I got skeletons inside my closet
You see everything, ain't no point in trying to hide it
I sit and wonder at times, I talk to you in my lines
Like I stay on the grind, but feel at times that I'm high
So in these times when I Humpty Dumpty, I fall
Turn my phone off when you call, you mean you still there for me, Lord?
I don't believe it's that easy that you would die for this treason
You said you love me, believe it, I ain't seein' a reason
Uh, if I was you I would be through with P
And throw him in the Lake of Fire where them demons be
I'm Mr. Magoo, your ways I'll never see
'Cause I mess up and you keep tellin' me...

In spite of all your wrongs, my love for you keeps rollin' strong

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