Riddle Me This by Derek Minor

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PSA Volume 3 by Derek Minor

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Riddle Me This
by Derek Minor

Album: PSA Volume 3

Verse 1:
Riddle me this, riddle me that
Why if I wanna rap I need a strap?
A couple goons cookin' crack
Posted up in the trap, I don't understand that
What if I wanna tell y'all that we never got to ball
'Cause my stepdad was gone with a nose full of rock
And my momma used to work 40 hours on the line
Probably thinkin' that I'm lyin' or I'm
How I'm a tell y'all to sell dope?
I watched the dopeman make my family broke
I understand that you're trying to survive
But my pops smokin' hard and I'm watching him die
So excuse me if I ain't trappin' on the beat
But I'm rappin' for that boy that got his mammy in the street
And she twurkin' for that rock, if my album never pop
I'll listen to that homie Doc, he said

Verse 2:
Riddle me this, riddle me that
Tell my why you lyin' in your raps
I know you tryna make a couple stacks
Hear I'm rappin' 'bout the trap and you really feelin' that
But everybody know that you really from the 'burbs
And unless it's in a tree you ain't never seen a bird
You can front all you want, but it's never gon' work
'Cause you just
And even if you get all the fame
The attention you want, people screaming your name
You be empty inside, and it won't mean a thang
'Cause you just
Go'n say what you want, but I'll tell you in the end
I don't never have to move, I'm at home in my skin
Checkin' my head when I hear the record spin
I'm like

Verse 3:
Riddle me this, riddle me that
Why you judging everybody where you at?
We know life is a wrestle, matter of fact
And I'm watching Mr. Perfect get slammed on the mat
See everybody know you ain't got it figured out
And when somebody fall you just kick 'em when they're down
You hide a whole lot of sin, but we ain't found it out
'Cause you so good at
I know you really feel so guilty
Never knew the Lord, cling to things so filthy
So you point the finger at others so people won't see you
And say, "he just"
Go'n keep it real 'cause I know it's kinda hard
Tryna front like you perfect, but the only one is God
Sent his Son for your sin, boy you can finally live

Aye man
You know you ain't perfect so keep it real.

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