Fiend by Dre Murray

Song Lyrics

by Dre Murray

Album: Gold Rush - Maybe One Day

Man, growing up
And walking to school in the morning
I used to see these dudes out selling dope
I used to look at them the same way I looked
At the dudes they were selling the dope to
I could never quite figure out which one was the

Verse 1
I was a terror since the public school era
Consumed with thoughts of cheddar
Far ends with the leather
Teachers changed my name
Start calling me 6th letter
I said,"If you were a beside me, it'll
Sound a little better chick."
Flip a brick, flip a brick, whip your wrist like this
Turn around and get rich
That was the way to get
Couple thousand dollars real quick
Buy some fresh new airs and a couple outfits
Got this small gold chain, but there's nothing on my wrist
40 cal on my hip, you don't wanna get hit
Yeah, don't try the young guy with a very tight grip
And loose screws that got
Something to prove and a couple rounds of spit with
Life and death
He feels it's nothing to choose
He views em' one of the same
Have you ever seen the veins of a fiend
With gold in the syringe in the dirt
All day he scared to get clean

And now, I'm looking at my life
Through the eyes of my fears, but I don't see danger
I'm looking at my wife and her eyes full of tears
Told me she see stranger
Aeoh baby! I'm a fiend (can't help it)
Aeoh baby! I'm a fiend (so selfish)
Yeah yeah baby! I'm a fiend (can't help it)
Aeoh baby! whether give or take at the end of the day
I'm just a fiend

Verse 2
Uhh, I'm here before the sunrise
Been ten years and I can't look at my son's eyes
I was scared so after hearing my son's cries
I left his mother with no note
She feeds my son lies
"Your daddy died in Iraq
While serving our country
And he's never coming back."
It would be kinda awkward if he stuck to the facts
"Your daddy's absent because your daddy's on crack."
I'm glad he ain't around to see how he would react
I don't even have the nerve
Wait I got another urge...
*snort* *cough* *cough*
See I'm a..
I ain't even got the words
For me to quit now
That would be absurd
I can't can't see clear
So the lines is blurred
Life looks like death
And death looks like life
When I get this low that's when the high occurs
I'm a fiend
I can't help it
Life I can't take it
Death, I can't cheat it
This pain I can't fake it
I tried
At times, I'm so high I can't make it
Back to ground zero
My soul has been taken
Innocent and naked
That's how I entered earth
The great birth to this nightmare
Was awaken so now
My ghost'll find me in a tomb that reads vacant
It's been my forever
Take my life as payment
Take my life as payment
Take my life as payment


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