Precious Memories by Ernie Haase

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Never Alone by Ernie Haase

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Precious Memories
by Ernie Haase

Album: Never Alone

Ooh, precious memories
How they ever flood my soul

Life goes on, that's what they say
But life for me will never be quite the same
It's all because of that little word
That has such a big impact: change
When you feel comfortable
Just when you think everything's under control
That's the time change will knock at your door
Then, without invitation, a cold wind
Blows open that door of your heart
And change invades your life
The loss of a job
The death of a family member or friend
The sudden proclamation
Of "I don't love you anymore"
Or the wave of goodbye from a child
As they leave for college
Leaving you with an empty home for the first time
I've lived long enough to realize
That one thing stays the same
Change is bound to happen
But just because change occurs
Doesn't mean we have to be totally devastated by it
Why, we have the Word of God
His promises will never fail us
Through all the seasons of life
And we have the Holy Spirit
It's His job to comfort us, to cheer us
To guide us, to work all things together for our good
And we have memories, yeah, memories
A gift from God that change can never, ever destroy
So, whenever I feel that I'm about
To be overwhelmed by the changes in life
I'll stop, listen real closely, and I'll hear it
The distant melody of memories, precious memories
Flooding my soul with joy

Precious memories, how they linger
How they ever flood my soul
In the stillness of the midnight
Precious, sacred scenes unfold

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