The Evidence of Things Not Seen by Eshon Burgundy

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The Evidence of Things Not Seen
by Eshon Burgundy

Album: The Evidence of Things Not Seen - Single

My life is but a testament to me/ But to you it may be everything you'll ever need to see/ all the pain and the struggle that brought me to my knees/ got a benefit somebody come get it somebody/ and when ya get it get God in the process/ you just can't go and get God it's a process/ and when we get God we get ours in the process/ but some of us have becomes STARS in the process/ Now I'm falling not balling no prospect unidentified flying object/ I'm a wreck/ Broken in the presence of the essence/ The great counselor I'm on my knees facing heaven/ Amounting up to nothing in my flesh/ so I'm bouncing/ in my Spirit I'm a mountain I'm a mess when I ain't counting on the death burial and resurrection of the best/ Mary you were meant to carry the Messiah you're blessed/ And I'm carrying Him too yeah my temple been renewed/ When He suffered I became His baby brother like I'm Jude/ and my covenant is true/ contrary to false So it's no persecution that I cannot fight through/ All praise due to the mighty mos high/ special caution to that crew who say nobody really dies/ that's N.E.R.d/ sleeping like a RV/ see that don't really apply if you ain't serving our King Our King/ creator of any and all things/ deny Him with they life and then display Him on a chain/ If that iron pipe was still up in my right then I would aim/ I would bang/ But thank God I ain't the same/ A martyr let me hang for the audience screaming out the name above every other name/ And all of this is game If I don't truly believe what I'm saying/ If I ain't know this was the truth I'd have to stop and quit playing with you/ 5 months I was abstaining from the booth/ except for a few features/ canceled a few preachers/ The Lord was separating the wheat from the tears/ showing me nothing compares To those who boldly declare the name of Jesus/ Three stripes for the trinity like Adidas/ going through my growing pains Micheal severs/ financially it ain't been the best year but it taught me how to depend on Him when I'm in despair/ wifey looking at me questioning my manhood/ not verbally but I could hear her thoughts hurting me/ the fear of lost fear of failure trying to nickname it the fear of God being selfish/ knowing faith without works is better of in the dirt/ Lord please grab the wheel cause this is driving me berserk/ I'm just trying to do my purp but my purpose has changed/ when I put that ring on her finger and she took my name/ got a wife got daughters got bills/ got a shut off notice and I almost got chills/ that's when I got focused no hocus pocus for real Ya notice I'm doing way better now than wit a deal/ Sealed/ Signed delivered from any wicked appeal/ Pornography honestly almost got me killed/ I probably be popping pills In the club copping feels/ and my anointing would've disappeared into thin air/ Copperfield/ I read somewhere that every serial killer was addicted to porn/ it turned them into a gorilla but illa/ c'mon/ it's conspiracy and it's clear to me/ the enemy ain't playing fair/ but God has an infantry here/ And we're of the belief that to much corrupted speech has been touching the streets/ from NWA to present day it keeps growing/ and showing itself out to be a beast/ And you hear it everyday for the sake of conceit/ you hear'em all say/ I'm a beast u a beast/ that's evil wouldn't you say/ wicked to say the least/ next it's gone be 3x6 I got dat heat/ We can talk revelation but never identify me with satan/ call me saint if God ain't reveal it to me yet then call me call waiting/ call me forgiven/ call me a witness/ the alternative to wayne & eminem mayne it's a priviledge/ just to be walking in God's image so much I gotta write both names on the census/ remember being young getting shot at hoping the fences/ Shopping with no money to buy that looking suspicious/ With all due respect Lord I was not impressed/ I was trying to get my hair braided and some Fila straps/ Trying get layed like the pavement/ Until I looked back and saw Him on top of the waves like a stocking cap/ Now it got me going back n forth like a hockey match/ Got me on tilt going crooked like a nazi patch/ Lord I see you Lord I believe but I'm trapped in my sin again I know that's evil/ carrying the old me like a old I'd but we all can't fit like a throwback beatle/ Going threw it in the brain need a prozac needle/ Screaming Lord bring me back to that old Cathedral/ And He did it the result is my commitment to a Triune God Father Son and Spirit/ And I really live it I don't write it in lyrics I really get a conviction then make the proper transition/ My wifey ain't gotta deal with no suspicion cause she got all of my codes/ I'm exposed/ I'm a christian/ And not under a bushel I'm set up on a hill so you'll never have an issue with wondering how I feel/ He's absolutely real More than a prophet/ but a prophet still/ justifying our faith and coming back like an appeal/ If what you lack in faith you try to make it up in zeal You gone end up all over the place that's for real/ With the mask all over ya face/ Stash the steal in ya waist/ saying you no longer feel His grace/ I seen people turning backwards cause they don't really know Him/ so they back to rolling backwoods/ On the corner blowing/ was'nt that good?/ see'em like what's up they like it ain't bout nothing what's up with you?/ you say I'm blessed and that's the end of the discussion/ next/ That's the difference between religion and relationship/ a witness and a sensationalist special victims/ to them God is a feeling and when that feeling gone their body walks outta the building but their still feeling wrong/ Feel like it was a joke call it bad humor/ kinda right cause now a days church is built for the consumer/ Money money got the pastor pocket bigger than a tumor/ Nothing wrong with making money just don't make it in the pulpit/ That's why they run the street gunning with that tool lit/ Cause you not preaching the Gospel thinking they stupid/ Coming up with ways of manipulating their minds/ Ain't no different from what happens in a vehicular hom-icide/ The flesh will rise two people will collide and somebody will die/ Oh without God we are nothing/ And if you think you are it's time to wake up pumpkin/ you are seeing stars/ and if you can't see'em then you must see they cars/ but trust me they're much more pretty from a far/ and you swear you got it all/ but what you consider all/ ain't really even all at all/ c'mon/ Today I was watching a mockery on my wide screen/ bill mahur's foul mouth/ call it bad hygiene/ Dealing with different religions on this earth/ But he went extra in on the church and it hurt/ A lot people he was talking to sound like they ain't have a clue/ Clueless/ so naturally what they saying sound foolish/ We gotta understand what we say and why we saying it/ 1st peter 3:15 is what you playing with/ Also it's hard when your prayer life is awful/ Sorry if you think I'm being hard bro/ Although the floor much hard when you fall/ and your so-called ministry fade to black charcoal/ aww/ This thing is about the anointing of God/ and there is no room for facades/ so size up yourself look yourself in the eyes/ and simply ask yourself did you really ever die/ and if you get a nod you gone be alright/ but if you get a no turn the pages of life to chapter...5/ verse 24 yeah that's in Galatians/ Take one of those a day and just embrace the motivation/ (Make sure you add on that prayer and supplication/ Spending time in prayer will never end in suffocation) It a make ya breathe better/ make you see better/ keep you from that evil especially when it's that d letter/ prefix/ live ya life like a remix/ Add some new verses filter out the curses/ once you found ya purpose walk up out the churches/ Hit the block and play ya old intro then let the beat switch/ And go in like some deep dish rims/ when devil on your back keep the Lord was in your lens/ ready to attack with sword that was penned over 1200 years by 46 men/ So yeah I'm on the corner with some cheese twist n timbs/ We're I'm needed cause Jesus would been with them/ Now He is cause He in me either He is or ain't He/ obedience is the ingredient so don't cha thank me/ see i came from it I know they really don't want it/ trying to witness and they trying to get paper like bag lunches/ I ain't dis respectful i tell'em God bless & praying they pick it up/ I put it down like a sunset/ Be praying be singing be blessed
Only way to live life without regrets/ a life without stress/ a life without cranberry kush
A real man of God never get high you know why?
Cause Jesus Christ is the ultimate ultimate/ crack them red letters open/ open it/ soak in it/ man it's so potent have ya floating like the ocean is
You ain't on them zig zags this ain't no roller coaster kid
The Holy Ghost it keep trying to draw you closer/ when in fact man ya back against the wall like a poster/ opposite of pac-man run to the ghost/ let that Word become your bottom line like Closed caption/ you get it?/ you ain't get it/ you'll be fine just admit it go and get it take a minute and rewind/ I know the end is coming I can see the signs/ plus I read revelations I watched left behind
I'm anticipating a disappearing act/ I gave this long dissertation to make sure we're in tact/ and I'm praying that it spreads all through out the internet with the hopes it reaches generation x
And I ain't chasing checks/ I'm facing tests/ I had to get some things a couple things up off my chest/ I may not be the best/ but man i am blessed and I know I been set aside to go and tell the rest
Consider yourself told/ I serve through my lyrics/ Receive the Holy Spirit/ consider yourself sold
Bought with a price/ the Color of it crimson/ Sweet smelling savor like the fragrance of an incense
If you don't get the Savior they gone get you with the imprint
Never get to heaven merely based on your intentions/ A head count in heaven you do wanna come up missing/ Ya still here and everybody gone like detention/ Listen here/ the Lord promised us a comforter would come/ and that's what He gone be looking for when He come back for us
And that needs to be the only influence we under/ not that ganja
I'm gone brah/ I could go on brah.

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