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Forward by Flame

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Move Forward
by Flame, Jai

Album: Forward

Intro: FLAME
You know, sometimes you've gotta move back
In order to move forward, 1921, same stuff going back then
November 23rd, it's crazy, same stuff going on then
Yeah boy, it's the truth right here boy
Yeah boy, all the stuff we've been through boy
Yeah boy, we always pull through boy
Yeah boy, yeah boy, man talk that talk, turn up

Verse 1: FLAME
They drew a line in the sand
And they told us stand on that side
Now they've started a new trend
And the fans gotta decide
Youngin's were looking for a model
Now I don't think they're looking no more
Now it's like to each his own
The moment's gone about to undergo
The kind a change we don't wanna see
See the sane people change to the wannabes
Cause they are living for what people think
And they don't see the link
Between their influence and who these youngin's want to be
But still we got the faithful, refusing to be shaken
Cause they don't value the public opinion as a priority
Enough to compromise and make the message as watery
As necessary even though we're the minority
In order to move forward without deviating
In a situation we're looking a J. Gresham Machen
Probably never heard of him, I know his name's strange
But what he contributed was a game changer
Christians were comprimising with liberalism, and the modernism
Man it was embarrasing
But Machen was bold, and he brought clarity
And he put his neck on the line and his popularity

Hook: Jai
I'm hoping you see
That we've been here before
And they think that we keep going too far
But we remember your word
As we move forward
We might suffer now, but we'll get our crown

Verse 2: FLAME
Sometimes, I take them to class boy, yeah boy
We can learn from the past boy
Yeah boy, church we just gotta hold fast boy
Yeah boy, man talk that talk, turn up
See ain't it crazy how history repeated
Now we find ourselves in the same place
Dealing with the liberalism
That tempted the Christians to compromise in the same ways
See the culture says it was enlightened through modern science
Now our knowledge was heightened with new information
Reshaping our conscious
Now we live autonomously to our liking (wow)
And this shook the church up
Now some Christians panicking and tryin' to keep up
In order to be down they're hanging some things up
Some essential Christian doctrines have gotta get cut
Sound familiar? Liberalism expanded
It's not only religious, the secularism advances (facts)
They stand firm in their convictions (facts)
They even function like a secular religion
Putting pressure to redefine what marriage is
Certain things should only happen in the marriage bed
Between a woman and a man it's so discouraging
But we gonna stand on the word, cause it's inerrant man
We know the end, so we ain't gonna fear though
Just keep showing love even though they think that we the weirdos
We know the end, so we ain't gonna fear though
Just keep speaking truth even though they think that we the weirdos

Hook: Jai
I'm hoping you see
That we've been here before
And they think that we keep going too far
But we remember your Word
As we move forward
We might suffer now, but we'll get our crown

Outro: Isiah Williams
And what that does, it freezes from fear. Your ministries are moving into a time of cultural tumult and you're going to be afraid. Some of you are going to be so afraid, that you are going to want to negotiate away parts of the gospel. But the gospel defines us in such a way, that we are able to see ourselves as the people of God within that cross, so that we know that the worst thing that can possibly happen to us is not being beheaded by jihadists. The worst thing that can happen to you is being abandoned to your sin, being cursed by God, being crucified outside the camp - and that has already happened to you

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