Evolution...Redefined by Geoff Moore

Song Lyrics

by Geoff Moore

Album: Very Best of Geoff Moore & The Distance

Darwin first did the imminent service
Of arousing attention to the probability
Of all change in organic
As well as in the inorganic world

Being the result of law
And not of miraculous interposition
For all life is a continuum
All living things
Despite their awesome diversity
Are related to each other

And evolution is the term
We give to that process
By which the structure of plants
And animals changes
With the passage of time
Thus accounting for the continuum

I was staring through the blackboard
Trying to keep from sleeping
Doing my very best
To hear the subject they were teaching

When to my surprise
I couldn't my believe my ears
This is what you looked like
Back a million years

Your uncle was a monkey
He was swinging through the trees
He lived on green bananas
And his arms swung to his knees

He spoke with such conviction
It really made me think
Maybe my teacher
He's the missing link!
He said...

I believe in evolution
Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies
It's the only possible solution
Big Bang fiction, that we factualize

Therefore Cro-Magnun Man

It takes a lot of faith
To say we're accidents of nature
But I believe we are the work
Of a loving Creator

Now you can wait a million years
And hope that nature does it's part
But it only takes a moment
For God to change a heart
That's why...

I believe in evolution
Changing of the heart
Renewing of the mind
It's the only true solution
God is always working
Changing lives (changing lives)
It's evolution redefined

I used to trust in natural selection
My survival was all I could see
My evolving to perfection
Started when God rescued me

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