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Culture Shock by Jai

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Stand Alone
by Jai

Album: Culture Shock

In a desert (yeah, yeah) in a position
I'm stuck in transition, I need to reposition (valley of decision)
And when people turn their backs on me
I've gotta set my own self free
Allow me to live happily ( Cuz He's got the key to my destiny)
And like I said in "I'll Wait" I won't move til I hear You
I cant breath til I feel You
Why can't I hear You I need to feel You now
(I would love to blend in)
Why cant I just fit in?
But I know that this lonely stage is a part of Your plan

Until I feel You holding me
Til I feel You cover me
I'll just stand alone, I'll just stand alone
Until I feel Your warm embrace
Feel Your kiss upon my face
I'll just stand alone, I'll just stand alone

Isolated yeah, lost my ambition
I need some restoration.
Can You be my physician? (For this cataclysm)
Heal my heart before it waxes cold
I am Your bride rescue my soul
Your love will fill this empty hole
A love story that's not been told
And even with my music,
Seems like there's no place for me
Can ya'll make some space for me?
I know there's room now, for this peculiar sound
(Lyrics from a different place)
These words are written from His pen
And I know that You are with me so forever I'll stand


In a desert yeah (I know that You are with me)
Isolated yeah (I know that You are with me)
As I walk through the valley of the shaddow of death
I will fear no evil cuz You're with me.

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