Advent Suite by John Michael Talbot, Michael Card

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Signatures by John Michael Talbot

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Advent Suite
by John Michael Talbot, Michael Card

Album: Signatures

Can you believe in the miracle coming
Can you believe it will take you away
There will be living where once there was death
There will be new life in Jesus

Can you believe there is charity coming
The only law now that we’ve come to obey
There will be living where once there was death
There will be living in Jesus

Can you believe that the eagle will fly with the dove
Can you believe there’s a rose in the raised fisted glove

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia

O hear, O Israel,
Your Saviour is born to a young virgin child
Hear, O Israel,
All of mankind can be born in Him
All of mankind can be born in Him

And Mary, Israel’s child,
Born in the grace of the mighty Lord
Mary, the young virgin child
To be the mother of our Saviour
To be the mother of Jesus

And we’ll walk on the water with Him
Messiah come surely and we will begin
To walk on the water with Him
And we will be with Him
As the Father is with Him
As the Spirit is with Him

Meekly, lowly He’ll come
Born to the world in a stable
Come to the shepherds, come to the poor
He is surely exalted as our King of kings
Surely exalted as our King of kings

And He will show forth the strength of His arm
He will scatter the proud in their own conceit
He will cast down the kings from their thrones
And lift up the meek and the lowly
Lift up the meek and the lowly

And we’ll walk on the water with Him
Messiah come surely and we will begin
To walk on the water with Him
And we will be with Him
As the Father is with Him
As the Spirit is with Him

O, He has come,
Messiah has come
Messiah has come

Can you believe in the miracle coming
Can you believe it will take you away
There will be living where once there was death
There will be living in Jesus

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