I The Beast by Json

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Growing Pains by Json

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I The Beast
by Json

Album: Growing Pains

If pressure bust pipes then I'm a crack homes
too much up on my back bones
that's wrong sorry thats Ye flow
Im a switch the pace though
got to put you back on
see often I wanna be them
wanna be the stars in your sky when I see them
Lord help me see that their falling I'm struggling
coveting what wont last to tomorrow

Hands up if you just want the light to shine
and expose what your trying to hide then get your hands up
up I'm trying to fight for mine
cause I don't wanna live a life of pride
then get your hands up up
like your reaching for the sky
up up but you ain't reachin for the sky
nah you can come and fight
the I if you don't wanna live a life of pride
then get your hands up

Pride is a beast and I know it lives inside of me proof
fruit reveals the core I'm just showing the root
wanting what he has desire his space
covet that's just pride on display live in HD
yea I ain't relying on faith when I ain't comfortable where God in his grace chose to place me
and its evident who's ruling my residence
when I'm willing to only go were I want him to take me
I wont be fake hiding how I feel
now I'm in his grace I'm okay with being real
mask off my face they look and they go ewww
cause they dont see the beauty that's revealed
I ain't great but I'm saying that He is
so I'm saying that I'm safe I'm saved and Im his
I pray the listener will get it right
I'm getting rid of the darkness by putting it in the light


Pride's at the heart of our depravity and the Lord saw the tragedy
so sent his Son to raise us up cause if you notice right now were all subject to gravity
Adam had to bite an Apple
cause I find it to be a scary thing
that our hearts at the Mac show
that "I" comes before everything
who am I to really think that I must be exalted
when really I deserve to be crushed homie that's awful
really I just need to be flushed
cause my hearts out of order I need you to touch me
so I'll esteem my brother above me
and know I am who I am cause I Am loves me
if I'm not living for his glory alone
then that means I got soli Deo gloria wrong


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