Not Today Satan by KB, Andy Mineo

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Today We Rebel by KB

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Not Today Satan
by KB, Andy Mineo

Album: Today We Rebel

Chorus: KB
Not today Satan
No no 'round me
Ooh, yeah yeah yeah
Not today Satan
No no 'round me
Get away 'round me
Not today Satan, not today
Not today

Verse 1: KB
Yeah, I live my life on the regular, ayy
But his attacts are perpetual, ayy
Forbidden Fruit seem so edible, ayy
You try resist like ellipticals, train
My mama told me it's spiritual, ayy
So I'm under armor like I'm Curry, look
You cannot bear with the boy, yeah
This is not the Jungle Book
Accuse me, know he would
I'm just covered by the blood
Thinkin' about the way that they did you serpent
Crushin' like Valentine's day
He sick with the mission, cross with the finish, swish
Don't try to slide in my DM
OJ Simpson with the defense
Lake of fire Satan thee end
Last weekend, but

Chorus: KB & Andy Mineo
Not today Satan
No no 'round me
Ooh, yeah yeah yeah
Not today Satan
Not today Satan
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Not today Satan
No no 'round me
Get away 'round me
Not today

Verse 2: Andy Mineo
Yeah, speak of the devil, ayy
I think I know where he live, ayy
I think he in politics, ayy
I think you gettin' my drift, ayy
Yeah, I think he made the Explore page
I seen him at my last court date
I'm askin', "Lord, give me more faith"
It's cold in these street like a North Face
Ayy, gotta keep my face north
And I know my days short
So I stay woke, never daze off
'Cause, uh, evil never takin' no days off
Whoa there, big fella, don't try it
Get that corn out my face, you know I'm on a diet
And I'm treatin' all of your lie like United
That just ain't flyin'

Chorus: KB
Not today Satan
You ain't welcome 'round me
Ooh, yeah yeah yeah
Not today Satan
You ain't welcome 'round me
You ain't welcome 'round me
Not today

Bridge: KB
La, la la, la la
La la la, la la, la la
Oh my God, now, ayy

Verse 3: KB
Yeah, I know your ways
Already read all your plays, yeah
I think I'm booked for tomorrow, yeah
And today just ain't your day, ayy ayy
I see you feedin' they hate
See the bodies that you take
We do not break, never no breaks
Buildin' this place right on top of your gates
Come and see me 'bout it, ooh
My squad too deep
Got it covered like Newsweek
Kickin' these facts like Bruce Lee, yeah
Before the W's like UV, yeah yeah yeah
UV, Son gotta shine, Lord, use me
Hit 'em with the ooh
Grandma said, don't let him fool ya
He bring up your past
Boy, bring up his future
We not confused (we not confused, we not confused)
Your name is racist, hatred, graceless
All disgraces traces straight to your engagement
Deface the nations but on that day you face the Maker
Not to-Not today Satan

Outro: KB
Not today Satan, not today

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Awesome sauce! No! U heard them! NOT TODAY satan! - guest / Sep 26, 2018

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