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Who Is KB? by KB

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Brand New
by KB

Album: Who Is KB?

How does that sound?

Brand new, (Who is KB?)
Brand new, (Waiting for the new earth new)
Behold I'll make all things (I'm a slave for the Lord Jesus Christ)
Brand new, (I'm a nobody, here to tell everybody)
Brand new, (about somebody, who could save anybody)
Behold I'll make all things brand new (Let's go!)

Uh, suffer will reign,
Homie we live that-that's just not a cliche,
The Christian life is not a piece of heaven on earth
But bless God, we get the peace of heaven on earth
'Cause we know all things, even the hard things,
Work together to make us look more like our King
Yeah, He's with us in this storm,
Sickness or health, dead or alive, I'm a child of God
Some say God doesn't want you to suffer but where they saw that?
We don't pray for a lighter cross, but a stronger back
(It's not about) the comfort, good life, and security
You will feel pain but he's breaking you for maturity
Girl, believe He's for you,
It's OK like abbreviatin' Oklahoma
Child of God, believe He's for you,
It's OK like abbreviatin' Oklahoma

Lord, come quickly put your return on fast forward
When the sun does the sky like it does your dashboard
Something's better coming this life is a passport
Only glory set before me, what I'm feeling bad for?
No more Christians getting slandered on the media
No more baby girl, say bye to leukemia
No more persecution like gal in China,
Who's been tortured for many days and we still can't find her
Straighten passion-depression, struggles with trust
No more goin' to Wal-Mart havin' to war against lust
Glorified bodies are stronger, not mere men
And ladies (hey), you get your clear skin!
No veil, no blurs, you'll worship our God
No sin, no end, till the Lord God
We wait, content, with Christ today,
We cry hard to give Him more tears to wipe away
It's waitin' music

Brand new,
Brand new,
Behold I'll make all things (Can't wait to see You)
Brand new, (Lord)
Brand new, (This rapper has one audience)
Behold I'll make all things brand new (In the midst of many, we glorify...Jesus.)

I am what I am, by the grace of God.

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