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Tomorrow We Live by KB

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Rich Forever
by KB

Album: Tomorrow We Live

Silver and gold, silver and gold

Verse 1
Last year man I made more money than I ever made in my life
Granted, it wasn't really that much cause we never had much
Just enough was enough for the guys
Jump in the truck, take a ride
And I went a bought a crib with my bride
It was a crib without a baby in it
Me and KB-J in the back y'all when I get back
Then we back to the back car, when I'm back to the start
Hold up, I remember
That empty fridge apartment with no power in it
Still to God we will turn, power steering
Your money's too cheap to fund my joy
We had that work you can't employ
I roll in

We had that work you can't employ
We roll in
We had that work
Boy we got treasure, we'll be rich forever
Look they can have it all
Let that money fall
But when it's all said and done
We'll still be countin' (we still be countin')
We'll still be countin' (we still be countin')
We rollin' in it

Roll in, roll in
All my dawgs they go in
We rollin', we rollin'
All my dawgs they go in
We rollin', we rollin'
All my dawgs they go in
We rollin' in it
But still we can't
We rollin' in it

Verse 2: KB
Aye, I know a girl down on Wall Street, climbin' to the top
She said Christ came and broke her
You know he a beast with the stocks
When you still makin' knots and you're not gonna flaunt
How they not gonna not?
But she don't care about what they're about, she coulda got a yacht
But she stay giving her money to the mission on the block
Now that's amazing!
Gave His light so we gave up ours, daylight savings
(Silver and gold)
It's good so we tried to make it
Since our treasure's in heaven we cheerfully gave it
No envy, that's Vegas
Content G with our savings
We got everything in our Savior
And that New Earth is waiting
We just children raisin' our babies
Tryna win the city, Chicago
Better get what I'm on
You are not what you bring home
Be rich in good works cause that's what you bring home
In the face of heaven's gates
Mr. Gate's estates debase and break the paper plates
I'm down, tell ya 'bout this
'Til we got a bigger house but the same sized coffin
People at the top feeling like they at the bottom
And that's probably why the rich are more likely suicidal
Silver and gold's too low for the soul
They want a Jesus piece when he died for the whole
What is this love and mercy, grace, forgiveness?
We'll be in eternity still countin' our riches

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