Keep Shining by KJ-52

Song Lyrics

Keep Shining
by KJ-52

Album: The Yearbook - The Missing Pages

(Come on) keep shining, shining
(Set this place on fire) and keep shining, shining
(And let the flame burn higher) just shine it; shine it
(Get 'em up, stick 'em up, put 'em up)

(Repeat 2x)

(Rap: Goldinchild)
Here we go S.O.I. on the song again
Spit the Word and shine bright like halogen
No matter the flow the glow gone draw them in
He's the Light that the dark can't comprehend

Illuminates, hitting things in the hearts of men
The lamp that leads man back to God again
Everything the Old Testament promises; Son of Man manifested in godliness

Calling us to be the salt and the light
Reflecting His image in the darkest of nights
Shining the glory that's larger than life; we part of the story the author is Christ
Alpha Omega the start of your life
the truth who separates wrong from the right
Lord and Messiah; power and might
God in the flesh so let there be light

Hook repeats 2x

Set my life on fire now
Burn so bright you can't put the fire out; let my whole life ignite and just shine about
Till everyone every time knows what I'm about

In every word every line coming out the mouth
Let it burn, let it shine till they find it out; till they've heard every rhyme and without a doubt
They can learn about Christ the Messiah now

They say they need Him but they deny it now
Cause you don't want to meet Him; you just try Him out
And everytime I see them; everytime I'm out
You ignore what I'm speaking and I rhyme about
So let Your fire burn never put it out
It its time for you and I to take it higher now
We gonna call and bring the fire down
No matter who you are hear us crying out

Hook 2x

I'm so sure what I came to do
Cause I don't ever want to ever be ashamed of you
And as the world turns what I say to you
Well let Your word burn like a flame would do

Until they all heard what I say and do
Cause I'm so sure they ain't never knew
Listen closer and I'll proclaim to you
I chose to approach you then explain to you

I told you, showed you when I came at you
He rose up and goes up it was plain in view; He said wait for it then in a day or two
He straight poured it on out in the Upper Room

Then the fire fell on a chosen few
It wasn't just done for a couple dudes
That power is still around now for me and you
But what you gonna do, who you gonna choose?

Hook 2x until end

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