All Black (Intro) by Kaleb Mitchell

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So Help Me God by Kaleb Mitchell

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All Black (Intro)
by Kaleb Mitchell

Album: So Help Me God

Verse 1
Let me take you back to 2011, I was all up in the back of the class
Teacher yelling I ain't paying attention, I was dreaming with a pen and a pad
I was sick and tired of riding the benches, they was never trying to check for the boy
Now the phonies want a couple favors, tell em that they better have a check for the boy
Yeah, we ain't talking business, what we doing?
What's the purpose of the conversation?
I been at it for like ten years, gotta get it, man I'm tired of waiting
Fiends all up in the e-mail, they been looking for the crack rock
I ain't whipping out the Pyrex, I been cheffin' off the laptop
I might pull up in that all black, all black looking like I'm Huey Newton
Difference between me and most of these rappers, they rap about it and I really do it
I really wake up every morning, thank the Lord, and then I get it popping
All these rappers talking like they run the game, but I've been lapping suckers and I'm barely jogging
I was never part of they team, now they tryna' get up on my roster
I been keeping all the kids fed and they want the recipe like Betty Crocker
Lately, I been killing everything, man they really didn't leave me any option
They was tryna' take me out the picture but now I'm the one that gotta do the cropping
Say cheese

They been plotting on me since the second grade
Teachers did me dirty, kids would call me nigga
All a sudden, everybody really friendly

Verse 2
How you tryna' play me like I don't remember?
Yeah, all the days I used to beg 'em just to listen
They say that I changed, they say I'm acting different
I'm so unaffected by your little nonsense
Look at what you done, you went and made a monster
Hold up, what's your name again? I think that I forgot it
Mitchell ain't the coldest, man you so preposterous
I just made another one I feel like DJ Khaled
Tryna' cop my momma something that got zero mileage
All praise to the most high, aye, I ain't thirsty I could do without your co-sign, aye
Kept me on the bench so I made my own squad
Hustler's Ambition like I'm 50 back in 05
They been telling me my time is coming I been patiently waiting, only got one shot best believe I'mma take it
Every time I hit the booth I'm Barry Bonds at the plate, Michael Jordan from the free, Michael Phelps with the pace
Hol' up

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