New Saint by Kashh Kade

Song Lyrics

New Saint
by Kashh Kade

Album: New Saint - Single

I seen enlightenment lil homie I wish you could try it
I'm playin', you done seen it too but you just in denial
That water that you got on wet, but it ain't from the Nial
Girl you lettin' love get bottled up take your pain out the vial
I could be your doctor baby let me check on all your vitals
I'm in my own lane they said I changed but this death to my rivals
That boy got Jesus on his chain but he don't read no Bibles
Life is deeper than the cover you should read more than the title
I'ma roar like ashad
Now my rappin' got em shocked like lightning hit a metal rod
How many times they said I would be nothin' then I beat the odds
Just a kid that's standin' in the paint but I still took the charge
Don't matter if you black like jack or white you could still play your cards
I knew I was goin' far but didn't know I'd make it this far
Livin' legend in the makin' promise I'm raisin' the bar
I stopped eatin' bacon cuz I can't let no pigs in the car
Get out my whip
Two things on my mind it's God and money can't trip on a trick
Cuz they told me that tricks always for kid's and I'm a man who quick
To read between the line's I always strive to be immaculate
This a mental war now I don't pass a gun I pacifist
They told me I'm like an activist I shouldn't sip Actavis
Really it's your choice if heaven or hell comin' after this
But I'll never judge you I still got homies who trappin' bricks
You can't be my bae cuz you just lookin' for a sack to hit
This my lucky song I'm thirty-nine times more than average
And add a couple threes cuz I know God done bust His for this
Physically I prayed, cried, grinded, spent my last for this
I done met some dudes who think they could lay back and ask for this

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