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Disappear Here by L.A. Symphony

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by L.A. Symphony

Album: Disappear Here

There's a passion inside, there's a sound in my mind
And I always try to get out and free
In a room full of dudes who are older than me
I was just young and naive; I'm just a passive emcee
Who was happy to be in a crew, who could see some potential in me
And eventually we disagree on the beats, and the raps, and the lives that we lead
But in between we live out our dream until the third scene
When they steal our hope, our record deal, and our self esteem
Two years of my life I'm depressed and mean
I don't only pray about this mess, I obsess and feen
And start questioning, Why can't I get no green?
Why Jay want to leave the team?
Why don't they put out our record and just give us free?
Why we got to start all over and just minus three?
I guess we now know how a joke felt
With the whole load of the world on his shoulders and no help
Trying to make a comeback when life is below belt
Low blows or no belt the playa with no help
Never would believe

It's like blast off and off in space we go
And where this space ship stops only God seems to know
Hey Yo I do this for my people, my sisters, my bros
My future, my now, my memories to flow
It's like a fountain on a mountain, majestic and fresh
Spilling and filling abundant in depth
It's so glorious, magnificent, triumphed, and blessed
See we five rise like a prize like life of LAS
All by myself trying to find myself
I was all alone, couldn't find no help
Didn't want to fell the pain that I felt
Didn't want to hold, because I've been dealt
Thank God for my help, family and friends
These are the people that are there till the end
There's been a change but then I'm smiling again
Can't hold a grudge, got to go make amends
Give an end to my anger can't be good
Far from a thug, I was born in the hood
Daddy could but didn't try to pick me up

It was August 31st when I started feeling ill
I couldn't stand, couldn't walk as I felt a cold chill down my spine
As the needle
Thought this was a battle I wasn't going to win
Two months of my life changed everything I knew
Stared death in the face and got love from my crew
As I lay all alone in a room feeling cold
Got scars on my arms, getting fed through a tube
But I knew what to do, had to keep hope alive
In the mist of it all, yeah I know I would survive
Even when they put me out and took out the pains
Said they was a slight chance I might not remain
But I wasn't hearing that, put my life in God's hands
Just a test to my faith cuz I know he has plans
And I gotta understand what's the reason for those days
A new set of purpose and a chance to give praise

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