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Level 3:16 - Deluxe by Level 3:16

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I Remember
by Level 3:16

Album: Level 3:16 - Deluxe

(K.B. talking)
Man, God, you are so awesome
I appreciate you so much
Cause my life before you was just....
Gosh, I could tell you story upon story
Just how things used to be

(Verse 1 - Crystal)
If I take all day to reminisce
I couldnt tell half of it
I, oh I remember
I was so far, seperated from you
I, yes I remember
At the time, didnt think it
Said I had the light,
But my secret acts in the dark hid it
Showed it(?)
Oh how I shattered your heart
But God, your great love
Brought me near with new life
And with my life, with every breath
I thank you, I thank you, I thank you

(Rap 1 - Chris T)
I always wondered what life would bring about/And what life's tune would sing about/I dreamed about/Being a star/And shootin' over to Mars/But daddy told me my dreams were too big/Busted/I never knew they put a limited on dreams/Cause if they did then I was loosin' my sleep/Chasin' defeat/Never associated faith for my deeds/Until somebody came & planted the seed/Then God watered it/Now I'm taller/Walkin' amongst the trees/And all of God's creation/And now I'm livin' my dreams/So here's a message for the dream police/Dont imprison a man's dreams/Let his dreams exceed the bars of sleep

(K.B. talking)
I was puttin' in so much work
Tryna live two lives
But for what?
Livin' my life to please people?

(Verse 2 - K Mase)
I used to stress
Trying to impress, everyone around me
I must confess, that things was such a mess
And people didnt know the real me
No I'm not there anymore
That place I was before
Cause I,I,I,I,I've been restored
That's why I gotta tell you
I'm no longer where I've been
Somethin' happened
I use to be, now I am
Free(Free), Free(Free), Free(Free), Free

(K.B. talking)
You changed my heart
And I am so free
Man, I am no longer a slave to that relationship

(Rap 2 - Stevie G)
I remember I was scribbled in sin/Until he/Painted a portrait within me/Sorta Di Vinci/The portrait I'm painting about a perfect man/With no sin/My Lord & my Savior Jesus/That Christ gave me favor/I am speechless/Uh, like M.J./D.P. discipled me/And I/u/Hank/tay, Ou/yay/(Thank You)/That's pig latin/I get glad when I see how he saved me from pig snackin'/The prodigal son is back in affect/Not lackin'/Pop lavished my neck with wisdom/devil keep on 'tackin'/But who is him/Greater is in me/Christ dismissed him/Co-heir/Next to the son/I wana go there

(Verse 3 - Candace)
If you really knew me then
Maybe you could understand
Who I use to be & far he has brought me
Truth revealed I tried to hide
Shallow heart to match my pride
I stand amazed when..
I look back & remember
Over my past I remember
Over my life I remember
Dead in sin he gave me
The precious blood of his son he saved me
Of your grace an offender
To this world a pretender
Ooo what it took to surrender
I cant help but remember

(K.B. talking)
I remember
Gosh, do I remember
But it's so worth it now Lord
Just livin' for you
Is so worth it

Of your grace an offender
To this world a pretender
Ooo what it took to surrender
I cant help but remember

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