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Level 3:16 - Deluxe by Level 3:16

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Know Him
by Level 3:16

Album: Level 3:16 - Deluxe

You can know him like I know him
In my heart I hold him
Shows me love & affection
He's my protection
He's such blessing
He is...(the Son of God)
He is...(the Lamb that died)
He is...(the Bread of life)
He is...(is Jesus Christ)
He is...(the Holy Spirit, I really hope you hear it)
I'm just introducing...Jesus!

(Rap 1 - Stevie G)
First question, I am requestin'
Do you know the Lord Christ as your best friend?
John 15, I'm more than a servant
I'm just commenting
How he brought me in
Colossians 2, He brought me sins
Yes,now I'm free up in the savior
Followin' that light, got me lookin' in a manger
To be wise, I'm liftin' up my eyes
Cause he sittin' next to God,
Who I'm tryna make famous
I,I just wana make him famous
Nothing you can do
Even Obama couldn't change this
And he's the God of ages
He gives life, without you entering in pages
(Man) Do you read the pages?
If you do,tell me what scripture is your favorite
Could it be John 3:16?
Let me know somethin' homie,I'm listening
Mine's Matthew 6, the whole passage
Tattoo sticks to my heart
Reside with my treasure, is God
I try to bring him pleasure
His rod & staff give me comfort
Knowin' I'm insured for life
Bumper to bumper, uh huh


(Rap 2 - Chris T.)
You can know God just like I know him (you can)
You aint gotta be rich or well spoken (who told you that)
You aint gotta dress up for him to notice you
He wants you broken
He's knockin' at the door
All you gotta do is open up (open up)
See me & God use to be rivals
I use to be embarrassed to even carry a Bible (man)
Out in public, I know it sounds crazy
That's the way I was, but now look at how he changed me (that's the truth)
I use to hate goin' up in church
Tryin'to comprehend but couldn't understand a word,
That he was sayin', so I started prayin'
Was it me or did this man speak a foreign language? (I didnt know)
But yet again that's where I was at
But look at how the Lord can come through & fix a flat (that's whats up)
He fixed me up & sent me off with the truth
He changed me & he can do the same thing for you


You see the way that I'm livin'
That's a real price
And I know what your thinkin'
That's really different
Don't really get it
I can never be like that
Your still wondering
(Is he really real, cause I'm strugglin')
Things could be so much better
Help me introduce you
Maybe you know a lot about him
But your still living life without him
Give in now, just surrender
Once you let go
Your desire to know him will grow
Then you'll see that he's the center

He is...
He is...
He is...
The Son of God
The Lamb that died
The Bread of life
Is Jesus Christ

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