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Album: Level 3:16 - Deluxe

(Yeah, Yo) If you live relationship and not religion(Where you at?)
When temptation come you stand in opposition,
(Where you at?)
If you loving, not judgin', you soul winning, Let's get it we going in it,
We got it this good living(Level).

(Rap 1 - Stevie G)
Level 3:16 on em',/Look he ain't know what to do when I switched teams on em'/When I confess in my mouth Jesus is King on em'/And believed in my heart, I was redeemed homie/This the song I sing only/Here I am to worship/Even in my worst stuff, I was blood purchased/How many know we out of Churches?/John 4:24 sums up our purpose/No idol gods, that amounts to nothing/My bio's God's, that accounts for something/More than a conqueror, I ain't fronting/God's personal spirit's my compass, oneness, (that's the GPS)/With my Father, without Him I can't function/Tryna look up in my Pop eyes, no drumsticks/Get some Revelation and share it, His bread is scrumptious/In order to break yolks & grow/I need the anointin'


(Verse 1 - Crystal)
Hear my story
To you it might be familiar
Grew up in the church, sang in the choir
Knew a little scripture, all the right phrases
Of a church girl, the perfect picture
But below my surface was a different me
Sweet face, no trouble, but consistantly
Spoke one thing & lived another
Like sayin' I'll wait till marriage
But let's go do it around the corner
See I had no relationship, was all religion
When years ago I had made a true decision
But I did not know what it meant to be a Christian
By his grace I understand a new description
God sees right through you & just look the part(?)
Follow Christ intimately, give him your heart
He knows you want you to know him
And he'll show ya
...(?) relationship
Check the status, I'm with the Savior


(Rap 2 - Chris T)
Back in the Old Testament scriptures/The Bible painted the picture/That law was powerless/In its effort to over power/The wicked nature of man/And its wicked plan/To be bigger than God/Perfect in all of his ways/How can we even align/That's just the point that I'm makin'/We couldnt do it alone/So he sent Jesus to be the bridge that would bring us home/No longer under law/Judged by my physical deeds/But by the grace it was given freely to set me free/Free from the consequences/Of death and its bad news/Into a relationship where I'm spreadin' that good news/No man made traditions/That make you think that you're growin'/But intimacy with God/That grows as you get to know him/Now I'm not bashin' religion/But dont you think something's missing/When Christians dont know relationship/Cause they're stuck in tradition/It's not about what you're seein'/Its havin' faith from within/It helps you see in the spirit/And keep from judgin' your friends/It's all spiritual

(Outro - K.B.)
Get on this level
Get, get on this level
Get on this level
Get, get on this level
If you love him & trust him
Get on this level
Get, get on this level
Get, get on this level
Fellas! (What up?!)
Where you at? (Right here)
Where you at? (We right here)
Where you at?
Fellas! (What up?!)
Where you at? (Right here)
Where you at? (We right here)
Where you at?


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