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Level 3:16 - Deluxe by Level 3:16

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Most High
by Level 3:16

Album: Level 3:16 - Deluxe

(Rap 1 - K.B.)
I wana rock
I,I,I,I wana rock right now (now, now, now)/Can I take one minute just to brag on my dad/He's the one with the ultimate swag (swag, swag)/That's to say the least/Not to beat around the bush/But my God's a beast/Kind of like a lion/Conquerin' sin/Maybe you should try him/On another throne(?)/He's the King of Zion/Ladies & G,G,G,G,Gentlemen

Could've been raised to be livin' foolishly
Seperated by the sins of God
Had a way to get through to me
It's true to me to be livin' so freely(?)
Now I got a new mind and all
I've been called and dont really mind at all
My love's not really mine at all
I signed it off(?)
What I've become is a child of the king now(?)
I've been through a whole lot of things
My experiences...........but I'm not ashamed
That's why I can boast in his name
Lord I've done some amazing things
In this world it seems to be A's & B's
You created me,(So)
Graciously (Jesus)

Oh oh,
That's why I boast him the most
Say Oh,oh
That's why I boast him the most high

(Rap 2 - Stevie G)
Let me talk like, hold up/Wait a minute/Let me hold up/Christ on the cross/They focus/Dont get lost/Hear my words (See my thoughts)/So what/I'm boastin'/Hear me, no/I'm jokin'/Flowin' me no acid(?)/I'm buildin' that body/Hoping it's dope/.....(?)/I just wana see his people/Boast in him/Not this evil/It shall (pass away)/Then what is left(?)(His holy bread)/Drew me in (Color me red)/New beginning/White as snow/I crush to life(?)/(That's why I boast)


(Rap 3 - Chris T)
They be like O.M.G./Chris T you're a star/Hold up, wait a minute/That's too far/Thank you, thank you/But hold your applause/But it's not about me/It's about my God/Now let me set the record straight/Stealin' God's glory is a big mistake/We wouldnt be here if it wasnt for grace/You could've been dead/But he took your place/That should make you wana seek his face/Not mine really/You aint gotta know my name/Wait that would be rude/So, we could be cool/All's good in the body/Cause I like soul food/Okay man, let me stop playin'/Jesus came down/In a form of a man/Took death on the cross/Two nails in the hands/Rose three days later/Now what?/Lata


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