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by Levi The Poet

Album: Monologues

I saw a shining star rising from the East.
I thought: maybe, maybe, maybe it was coming for me.
Mother Mary held her belly and the Father was pleased.
Baby Jesus I hear you crying for me.

Mother Mary don't you know that you were never on your own?
Father Joseph when you dream, I am Comfort. Comforting. It's only me.
Baby Jesus when you're scared, I am always, always there.
Daddy, please. Take this cup from me.

Little John is gonna turn the hearts of fathers to their children!
And from the moment he kicked inside of Elizabeth's stomach
I knew I was too frail to stomach this:

What a jump from heaven to come down here for me!
I pray to God my soul to keep me safe for eternity!
Don't be frightened, Mary! I know it's a lot to carry
But I have been preparing you for the coming of the Lord -

"I wonder what this child will turn out to be."

And I can just hear so many people singing, "Nothing."
I've had an epiphany: "Let's kill all the children to be certain that we've killed him"
But I've got a lot of children's books that don't mention killing children…

I think we watered down the stories so they'll taste better with the wine
And we are a sleeping giant,
But the Lord will wake us up in time… so Prophet of the Most High!
The prophecy is nearly nigh, and I'm singing with the
Shepherds and the angels and the saints on the birth-night!

"Glory be to heaven high!
And peace on earth to all those in whom God delights!"

I offered you gold and incense, would you take it as a sacrifice?
And like Simeon I will not die till I have seen the Messiah
With my own eyes… well I've seen him with my own eyes!

So Mother Mary, don't you know that you are never on your own?
And Father Joseph can't you see that Mother Mary trusted me?
And baby Jesus, when you're scared… I am there!
I am there!

Here he is! Here he is!
I am the voice shouting in the wilderness!
Make straight a road for him…

("And people, meet your salvation.")

But I am not worthy enough to hold your sandals!
So when you tell me that you love me, I'm just trying to get a handle on the fact
That I can slip my fingers through your palms
(And realize that you were right all along)

"The captives will be released and the blind will see,
And the oppressors will set the downtrodden free."

"Physician, I need help,
and can you help me? I am willing…"

"Be clean" and I watched the leprosy leave!

So I stood and said, "Master, can you heal me??
He said, "Your sins are forgiven!" They said, "That's blasphemy!"
But my Jesus is a revolutionary –
So after that, he gave me back my legs and my feet
and I ran around screaming, "Praise be the Majesty!"

God bless those who realize their need for him,
for the kingdom of heaven is given to them.
And bless the mourning, for you with be comforted.
Bless the gentle and lowly,
for the whole earth will belong to them –
and hunger and thirst for justice,
for I promise it will be given.

And God bless the merciful,
for you will be shown mercy,
And God bless the pure in heart,
for I will show you Me.

And to those of you that work for peace,
I will call you my own!
And to those of you that hurt for me,
my heaven will be your home!

I will be rejected, but I will never be dethroned,
so let the sorrows and the sadness and the victory be foretold.

FLASH BACK: A few minutes just before the kiss!
Judas! Do you remember back when I healed Lazarus
and the people rejoiced and screamed and he was set free?
Thank you for sharing in that memory with me!

FLASH BACK: In-between the times you've betrayed me!
Peter! Do you remember walking out on the sea?
I promise one day you're going to learn to trust me…
It was scary at first but we laughed once we got to safety –
Thank you for sharing in that memory with me!

FLASH BACK: Just before the crack of the whip hits and
tears the rest of my skin off of my back and chest!
My friends! Do you remember the five loaves and two fish?
Do you remember my compassion on those of them that were sick?
Do you remember blessing it and thanking God with the least of these?
Thank you for sharing in that memory with me!

FLASH BACK: Just before the crow of thorns on my head.
Do you remember laughing around the table, breaking bread…
Sharing wine! Do you remember what I said?
Well this is poured out to forgive the sins of many…
Thank you for sharing in that memory with me!

FLASH BACK: just before I take my last breath!
Before I close my eyes and God turns his head and
I lose the will to live and the strength in my legs
and my heart breaks and thunder strikes and I am left for dead…

My Bride! Do you remember your first love and the feelings you had for me?
Do you remember our long talks and the way that you wept with me?
Do you remember our long walks and the way that you stepped with me?
Do you remember the silence and the way that we'd listen
to the wonder I created… and you're eyes used to glisten
like the stars…

I'm just kind of wondering where you are…

The times you spend with me are far and in-between – I miss you.

I'm here with you, be here with me!
I want to hold you and I want you to see that
that cross you took up to follow me isn't dead
and I am not another empty fleeting thing.

The stone is rolled away and I'm awake and I breathe.
Stick your fingers through my hands if it helps you believe –
Not my will but Yours through the steps I take with these feet…
Make this triumph our memory as we sing and we scream:


I saw a shining star rising from the east,
I thought, maybe, maybe, maybe it was comin' for me…

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