Big City Blues by Maranatha! Music

Song Lyrics

Big City Blues
by Maranatha! Music

Album: Maranatha! Collection - Volume 2

Well along came Willie's first time to the city
To see what kind of folks he could find
To find a place for a start
Somewhere to rest a troubled heart
Searchin' for a satisfied mind

He was strollin' down first avenue
Who do you think he'd run into
Some boys lookin' for some fast cash
They knocked Willie in the head
And split with all his hard earned bread
Tossed him in the alley with a crash

As they left him there he became aware
Of the Big City Blues

Well along came a preacher now
Sideburns and a raised up brow
Dignity apparent to all
He looked on Willie's situation
Mumbled somethin' 'bout sanitation
Headed for the new Parish Hall

Well another man came in view
Cross and collar wing tip shoes
Noticed Willie there lyin' there beat
He analyzed his grave condition
Said he'd write his politician
Headed on his way 'cross the street

'Cause they wanted too there they left him to
The Big City Blues

Well another brother came along
Truckin' shoutin' singin' songs
A Bible and a grin to each ear
He bent down to the ground
And he took old Willie into town
Told him there was no need to fear

As he patched old Willie up
They sat down over a nice warm cup
Said Willie boy I've got some good news
I know a man that'll keep your head
Keep your soul from gettin' dead
Save you from the Big City Blues

So Willie said What must I do
To keep my soul from fallin' through
My insides feel like dead weight
I've got no comfort 'less I'm stoned
I've got no one to call my own
Help me now before it's too late

He asked on his knees Lord can you ease
The Big City Blues?

If you're walkin' down first street
And you and Willie chance to meet
You'll notice now a change in his style
He's got the Bible and the grin
He's free from sorrow free from sin
Jesus gonna be there for awhile

'Cause he asked Him in yes the Lord did in
The Big City Blues
'Cause he asked Him in yes the Lord did in
The Big City Blues the Big City Blues

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Interesting take on The Good Samaritan. I've never heard this one before.... and once was probably enough. - May 2023

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