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Change by Milliyon

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by Milliyon

Album: Change

I live it out loud I'm Neva ashamed
You needed a difference
I'm Bringing the change
Impacting da culture
I'm cruisin my lane
I live Milliyonic and Milliy's the name

Verse 1:
I'm a Christian and It ain't nothing they can do about it
Some of these boys wanna skate around the truth about it
Well I'm the truth about it
I got the proof about it
Walk that faith now I'm taking y'all to school about it
I'm a grace kid I done learned much
covered by the blood homie & I done turned up
So What's the word bruh?
let me put it plain
I'm a rep his name till I die Unashamed
I eat slick...
crowd surf.. mosh pit
Chillin in the PJ when the tires burn
All because of his grace somethin I could neva earn
seen the gun cock, car crash & displace
Let me remind you the reason why I'm still in this space
There's only I way one God
believe me
Well how you know that? I say is just this easy

Tell em that you gay they say "tell me bout ya self"
Tell em you a Christian they say "keep that to ya self"
I had to tighten up my belt cuz this world here crazy
We got more issues than just drivin miss daisy
And I eating lately they stuffin them pies
Credit card declined I don't accept them lies
It's a must that I, fight the fight of good faith
A million to one odds so I say I'm in a good place
IRS targeting the body...
they dont know I saw em in the lobby
& I caught em slippin at the alter
Worried bout us but its all gon falter
And I don't really argue on religion
Y? cuz I know it's all for division
Thru faith I'm just saved by grace
And that's the reason I'm a rep him till I leave this place like what

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