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Less Is More by Mission

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Generally Speaking 3
by Mission

Album: Less Is More

All of You, none of me

Look, get out your feelings and get your family line
Get out the dark and find your light, then shine
Hundred thousand on the watch, he cast his pearls 'fore swine
Took an L in both wrists, I guess it's hammer time
It's the one I needed
We both do it, just for different reasons
I faced God and chose to pledge allegiance
Cold world, man, they got it freezin'
No more actin', no more people-pleasin'
They look like sheep, but that's just so deceivin'
But they not what they claim, yeah
Most of these pastors on trust, but that don't go for dang
I still can go where I used to hang
You said you lit, well, I produce the flame
Man, you are not the same
This ain't for clout or fame
Put some respect when you speak my name
Looked in the mirror, I was seekin' change
I felt so empty, I was seekin' change
But when that bad came, I found that money never fixed the pain
Hey, walk a mile in my Air Force
Why they wanna kill me just because my black skin and my hair's coarse?
Faith or passion, what you here for?
The way you treated me I should have spazzed, you better thank the dear Lord
Now let's get it poppin'
They gave me the ball and I move like I'm Stockton
With God in the picture, they gon' try to crop it
But I'm in the sea, I'm just lookin' for crop
You build on the wave but I build on the island
I gotta address 'em, I prolly could stop 'em
He made me a king, so I move like T'Challa
No, I can't get nowhere complainin' in paddle
Don't take it for granted, it's gettin' too deep
Started with nothin', that's causin' a leap (Yeah, yeah)
I've been goin' hard, I prolly should sleep
I know I just ate, but I still gotta eat (Yeah, yeah)
I pull up to the table, they hand 'em a beat
I don't say what I'm plannin', I move indiscreet (Yeah, yeah)
I spit it with passion, I'm movin' the street
Y'all movin' with snakes, y'all John Creech
Movin' too sleazy, don't wanna believe me
I got my joy back, now I'm feelin' like Teezy
You leavin' defeated, I prolly get even
I need me some Jesus to fight off these demons
You open your mouth and you just bet a meanin' (Let's get it)
And I do not seize it, I'm goin' out swingin'
In a sense, I'm preachin' (Let's get it)
Ain't nobody in my league, y'all just decent, that's on me (Yeah, yeah!)
Huh, y'all wastin' time and wastin' versions
Yeah, less is more, I'm less than perfect
Mike can't talk me off that cliff, I was discouraged
You not with me when I'm floored, you won't be with me when I flourish
I've been eatin' off this tree, I'm gettin' food, I'm well-nourished
Showed 'em love anyway, I still know they ain't deserve it
Left 'em deserted, bring up the truth and watch 'em get nervous
I got a drive that is big as Suburbans
Grace and His mercy is what I'm submergin'
They underrate Him, you know that's for certain
Yeah, duckin' them savages
Hang out the passages, sendin' them shots but I'm swervin'
Listen to Nipsey, he told us it never was fame but he knew it was worth it, look
I came from the dirt and you move with the opps, I'ma move with a purpose
Can't be with the team 'cause you move like a serpent
You clout underground, it don't add up in person

Look, I paid my dues, not my views
And tell the crew every time I drop, it's news
Talkin' catalog, I should be further, you'd assume
Can't nobody smell they flowers in the tomb

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