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Redemption by PRo

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Aye You
by PRo

Album: Redemption
by PRo

I see you riding by so fly
Tell me what you gon' do when you die?
I'm screamin' at 'em like AYE
So if you wanna know about life
I can point you to the one who gave me mine
Holla at me like AYE

[Verse 1]
Now lemme chop it up wit'chu
They paint life so many ways to help you get a clear picture
This hot metal'll fly out the barrell and still split you
You still tryna drink from a broken water pitcher
A cistern, grandma's not my concern
But why the hood killin' folk and we still won't learn?
Turn money to a god 'cause our homes are the altar
But it only lead to death, I suggest that we alter
What we put our faith in when life start to cave in
Then we wanna run to God like we need savin'
What about now? Just 'cause you ain't on your death bed
Don't mean that you done found life, you already dead
But the cross is the defibrillator
Shock your heart man, help you focus on the Savior
So till they put ya boy in a tomb
I'm on a soapbox yellin' the truth, screamin' like …


[Verse 2]
Homie in the bed with his head on his pillow
Lookin' at the ceiling wondering how to make a killin'
'Cause there's roaches in the living room
No food to consume and papa drinkin' to his doom
Mama workin' ??? wardrobe from Wal-Mart
Dare you say somethin' about it, joke if you get smart
Full of rage, he conspire to get paid
Thinkin' if he up is status maybe that will be a way
Ah, he see death all around him
Put a boxcutter on the last person [who] tried to clown him
'Cause money gets you power, power get respect
He ain't felt high, neither one of them felt yet
See that's the mind frame we were sent here to change
Instead of bickering on the boards, get on your job man
So till they put us all in the tomb
Let's get some megaphones and yell out the truth, screamin' like ..


[Verse 3]
Excuse me, can I prescribe a remedy
That easily will set you free? Christ died for you and me
So if I was you I would turn
'Cause one day the sky'll crack and the judge will return
And when I say "turn" I don't mean just to attend church
But count everything as loss and look to Christ for self-worth
Your money, guap, cheese, queso
Use it to his glory, don't move unless he say so
Cars, job, shoes, clothes
Make it all secondary in pursuit of the Lord
Commune with a group of people that's doin' the same thang
'Cause it's the body of Christ, it's what we use to make change
I don't grind 'cause I'm free, I grind 'cause I believe
And it's a me and other people that's doin' the same thing
We hold to the same dream to see Christ crucified
And marvel at his greatness, see you on the other side

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