Everybody Knows by Phil J.

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Nu Age Soul by Phil J.

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Everybody Knows
by Phil J.

Album: Nu Age Soul

Everybody knows, everybody knows

You ain't never seen what I've seen, or even imagine the pain of alleviating from time
Consuming leeches tweaking my nerves man
Feeling like birdman
Put some respeck' on my name and my grind
My passion my patience my time
My heart bleeds through the pen, the paper has never not soaked one time
And some folk really don't get it, I mean I'm on mission man
Yo I can't vibe with ya no more fam, well I'm gon' miss ya man
I lost the chance to reach ya so I'm rebounding
Feeling like Denis Robman, Ima live life full throttle
Martinelli bottles up

Everybody knows, what you think about me
This ain't easy to believe but you ain't phasin' me none (Not at all, not at all)
How do you live this way I don't know
I suggest you get your life right, focus on you
This is for my haters, I sing this song for you (ah yeah) ((Repeat))

I was feeling like a desperado
If it wasn't for the fam and God, this shell would sure be hollow//
I sick of the cruel comments your commentary ain't necessary not like it ever varies topics
God said don't do that, God said don't do this
Hol'up, you ain't even write this story
Everyday I was stressing wondering why some people stained my name
Over here making moves for a kingdom and it's all in Jesus' name
So I'm not really concerned about what you're thinking
Better believe I'ma stay the same
I'ma just talk to you the way you're acting, while I sing
Please y'all gotta stay calm
There's no reason for you eating all the crumbs off my plate if yours is
Right there, waiting to devoured
But instead you spend most ya hours on me, on me yeah
I guess you see my life is pretty rough (No they don't)
But I'm all good long as I please my creator
The driving force in my bones, to blitz past you haters

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