Battle of Little Bighorn by RedCloud

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Battle of Little Bighorn
by RedCloud

Album: Hawthorne's Most Wanted - Instrumental
by RedCloud

Verse 1 (RedCloud)
sitting Indian-style in the distant grass plains visions of Custerís skull as an incense ash tray sweet grass and sage by the spearheads blade blazing arrows in the sky led by clear red flames Rivers crystal blue, lakeside by caribou no room for error, true, my canoe fits two.
My heart chambers pump like a Mayan war-drum Tomahawk, 2 clubs combined with 4 guns Gathering the Sioux and the Cheyenne too Counterattack and destroy Mr. You know who Me and Sitting Bull fenna put this dude in a ditch Wrap him in buck-skin this night on June 25th The Nina would be pounded and slammed to the ground The Pinta would be sunken and no where to be found The Santa Maria would be safe and sound Forced to make a 180- have to turn around. Yeah.

Chorus (RedCloud, Man of War, & MaxOne)
This was the stand that replenished the land Little Bighorn
The perfect plan for red woman and man Little Bighorn
The war that hit home moccasins ripped torn old young and newborn
The Battle of Lil Bighorn

Verse 2 Ė (Man of War)
I was born as a small child They say that I was born to embrace and face war when its wild At age 14 my first raid on blade and bathes in blood with hair and braids so heaven awaits the lives I take A waste of a non respect embrace so I serenade the winds to calm with wings from this Lakotaís poems Now Iíve become the leader of this strong warriorís society and run with solid eaters a fearless chief with no need to speak either a Def Shepard protector of my sacred lands Refuse to move a Sitting Bull style for skill to scalp fools who feel they got tools So I gather my crew Lakota Cheyenne and Arapahoe too they sundance and visions too now 500 3000 more in this all out war Soon the fate of Custer will be no more

Verse 3 Ė (MaxOne)
I was broken into pieces that I fashioned into blocks I built this ower to the heavens name in lights at the top it reads Custer not the average buster its Custer thrust your regiment into a fire pit for the heck of it back from suspension trackiní them ingines back with a vengeance crack goes the weapon Sioux & Cheyenne try to meddle get destroyed like the village of Chief Black Kettle could I be more brutal Reno Bentine and McDougal Iím trying to find a nice spot for the CrazyHorse funeral the crazy force you know Rain in the Face and Sitting Bull would like to see me sitting in a pool of my own blood, no love but so what Move up towards Rosebud 5/12ths of my command available Iím short handed Crow scout issued a warning but Iím fixed on this encampment itchin' for some action if my flag goes down today itís with honor that Iím passing.

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