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The North Star by Remedy Drive

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by Remedy Drive

Album: The North Star

Verse 1
Keep your m? out of my kids skin
Keep your chemicals out of my oxygen
Keep your chemo out of my blood stream
Keep your ? and your war machine
My street by the first and the strongest
And that street a military conquest
You can't take the prophets out of context
You can't love mercy if you love conquest

I'm not joking here
Something's broken here
I just hope it's clear
It's just smoke and mirrors
They're just stokin' fears
They're just racketeers
It's a thin veneer
They're just ticklin' ears

Strong man said lets steal their ore and cheer them on
Strong man said lets scorch the soil of the children
Strong man why you celebrate the talk of war crimes?
That don't belong man
I'm not a fan of air bombs and land mines
Demi gods - like demagogues - like warlords
White collar frauds
In New York suits or in camouflage
Either way it looks the same
Its a corruption - it's a con job

Why are we so warlike
Why are we so warlike

Verse 2
Clear cut - landfill - oil spill - strip mine
They're draining out the essence of my soil through a pipeline
So more like a flood going toxic from the start
It's oil and not blood flowing through your dark heart
Where is the justice here?
They're just profiteers
Special interest got their ears

But we need our opiates
And our titanium
We displace the masses
With cocaine and uranium
Building industry on the backs of the exiles and the enslaved
?Just like back home in the good ol' days?
Is this a blood diamond
I can't tell
Blood ? are in my cell phone
How did we accumulate so much wealth
Well, the war criminal is myself

Why are we so warlike
Why are we so warlike

Verse 3
The shrimp boats
The Kun Kun
The Carper
The Coffee
The gold??
The cotton??
Why am I brining it up
Again and again
I'm giving them the sugar cane
It's still the same
We're looking the other way today
It feels like we've forgotten

Without the demand
There'd be no need for supply
There's blood on your hands
And there is a plank in your eye
You don't look a thing like Jesus Christ to me
You look like self-righteous apathy
You look like entitlement and supremacy
Ye who tread on the weak
To defend the wealthy
You talk so casually
Of the less
Battles, backs and schisms
Can't you see the causalities
Of your hyper nationalism

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